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The 1920(p60-87)

Ch 3

inflation the rise in prices for good and services that increase the cost of living and triggers demand for higher wages (通货膨胀)
communism a social and economic theory that property, production, and distribution of goods and services should be owned by the public, and the labour force organized for the benefit of all members of society共产主义; 共产主义制度
socialist believing in a system in which that government controls the economy so that everyone benefit equally社会主义者
branch plants factories, offices, or other operation set up in Canada but owned or controlled by U.S or other foreign companies
tariffs taxes on imported goods
primary industry 初级产业- an industry that deals with the extraction or collection of raw material
secondary industry an industry that deals with manufacturing or construction
Prohibition the banning of the sale and consumption of alcohol(美国1919年至1933年间的)禁酒令;禁酒令时期
plebiscite a direct vote by electors on an issue of public importance 公民投票
Group of seven group of Canadian landscape painters in the 1920s
person case a court case in which the Famous Five successfully fought to have women declared "person" under Canadian law in 1929
Famous Five Five alberta women who fought for the political status of women
Canadian Constitution the document that describes the powers and responsibilities of the government and its parts, and the rights of citizens
aboriginal title claims by Aboriginal peoples to lands that their ancestors inhabited
cut-off lands land taker from reserves without consent of the Aboriginal peoples
enfranchisement giving up one's status as an indian 释放,解放
self-determination 自己决定; 民族自决the freedom for a group to form its own government
federalism a political system that divides power between federal and provincia, 联邦政治,联邦制度
regionalism a concern for the affairs of one's region over those of one's country 行政区域划分,地方(分权)主义
free trade trade between countries without tariffs, export subsides
nationalize move from private to government ownership收归国有,国有化
minority government a government in which the ruling party has less than half the total number of seats in the legislature 少数党政府
Old age pension act an act passed in 1927 to provide social assistance to people over 70
Chanak Crisis the canadian governments' refusal in 1922, lead by king , to support british troops in defending the turkish port of Chanak; the first time the Canadian government did not support British military
Halibut Treaty a 1923 treaty between Canada and the US to protect halibut along the Pacific Coast; the first treaty negotiated and signed independently by the Canadian government 比目鱼条约
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