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chapter seven sec1


Interchangeable parts Parts that exactly alike.
Mass production Production of goods in large quantities.
Industrial Revolution The change in social and economic organization that took place from the replacement of hand tools to machines
Cotton gin Cotton engine
American system Measures designed to to unify and strengthen its economy.
National road government paid road, started in 1811, stretched from Maryland to Illinois.
Erie canal 363 mile long waterway connecting the Hudson River and the Erie Canal. 1817-1835
McCulloch vs. Maryland 1819 court ruled Maryland cannot tax the Bank Of The United States.
Adams-Onis Treaty Spain gave up Florida to America
Monroe Doctrine USA not involving itself in European affairs or interfere with colonies in Western Hemisphere
Nationalism Devotion to one's nation
Missouri Compromise Set Maine as a free state and Missouri as a slave state.
Democratic-Republican Party Currently Democratic party and tried to sabotage John Adam
Spoils System Upcoming officials throw out former members and replace them with friends
Indian Removal Act Forced Native Americans to move west
Trail of Tears Cherokee sent off in groups of 1000 on 800 mile journey. More than a quarter of them died
Tariff Of Abominations "Disgusting and loathsome tariff" reducing British exports to the USA and forced South to purchase more expensive Northern manufactured goods.
Bank of United States banks funded by federal government and private investors. one in 1791 and second in 1816
Whig Party political party formed in 1834 against Andrew Jackson
Panic of 1837 Financial crisis where banks closed and credit system collapsed
Henry Clay House speaker
Eli Whitney Made 10,000 muskets in two years.
John Quincy Adams Secretary of State.
Andrew Jackson Political opponent again James Monroe.
Daniel Webster Senator of MA
John C. Calhoun Andrew Jackson's vice president
Martin Van Buren Ran against Whig Party. Son of tavern owner and was a common man.
William Henry Harrison Wealthy, ran for Whig Party.
John Tyler Was against Whig Party, refereed to as "His Accidency"
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