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Yates Midterm

Yates Midterm Review

system of government that gives all key powers to the national government unitary
a loose union of independent states confederacy
the effort to control or influence the conduct of government politics
rule by the people democracy
form of democracy we have in the US representative democracy
power divided between state and national governments federalism
plan that provides the rules for government constitution
rule by a small group oligarchy
this highlighted the need for a strong national government Shay's Rebellion
Articles took effect in 1781 after the states ratified them
compromise made by founder's left a terrible burden for future generations slavery
powers of Congress given to Articles declare war, to make peace, regulate trade with Indians
Why is the Magna Carta important? created limited government in Great Britain
America's first formal constitution Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
author of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson
author of the Constitution James Madison
antifederalists wanted this added to Constitution Bill of Rights
Constitution based on this concept popular sovereignty
introduction to Constitution preamble
this gave Supreme Court same status as other two branches judicial review
agreements between two heads of state executive agreement
poll taxes were paid in order to vote
action required to override a presidential veto 2/3 vote of Congress
Supreme Court decisions can be overturned by the Court or by __________________ amendment
Constitution adapts to meet future needs by _______________ amendment
amendment must be proposed by 2/3 vote of each house of Congress
first 10 amendments Bill of Rights
freedom of speech, press 1st amendment
income tax amendment 16th Amendment
government administrators carry out legislation bureaucracy
criminals are returned who flee to avoid punishment extradition
agreement between states interstate compacts
national government provides money to the states grants
third in line to Presidency Speaker of the House
presiding officer of the Senate Vice President
majority and minority leaders are assisted by who party whips
two house law-making body bicameral legislature
qualifications for Senate 30 years old, US citizen 9 years, live in district represent
qualifications for House 25 years old, US citizen 7 years, live in district represent
subcategory of standing committee subcommittee
this could bring a vote of censure bribery
this group has too much power congressional staffers
groups that give money to lawmakers PACS
representatives of interest groups that work to influence members of Congress lobbyist
Created by: DrYates
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