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Stack #120214

People who study plants and trace the movements of people by their crops Botanists
How high is Mt. Kilimanjaro 19,000 feet
Person who reminds villagers of their ancient history and traditions Official remember
Deserts in southern Africa Kalahari and Mamid
The area between the Sahara & Kalahari with tall grasses and few trees Savanna
Unwritten record that helps historians learn about Africa's history Oral history
Where is the Horn of Africa? In east African in Somalia
An early African people who migrated slowly iinto central, eastern, and southern Africa Bantu
What divides Africa almost in half? Equator
What is the largest desert in the world Sahara
People who study languages and the ways they change Linguists
an area that recieves no rain because it lies beyond another area where water vapor is blown rain shadow
Moving to another region Migrating
people who study history from artifacts like rock paintings and written symbols Archaeologists
Which people group set up a station to provide water and food for ships on their way to India in the 17th century Dutch
Migrated from the area of modern Sudan to Lake Victoria and into the modern countries of Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda Nilotic
Who were the most feared of the desert peoples? Tuareg
Who lived in the rain forest of the Congo Basin? Pygmies
Who measured their wealth and social standing by the number of cattle they owned Nilotic
Who used camels as transportation as well as for making tents, butter, and cheese Tuareg
Who migrated from the Benue River to the Congo Basin Bantu
Who spoke the unusual click language Bushmen
Who were the people of small size living in the Congo Basin Pygmies
Who were the Europeans living in Africa? Dutch adn English
Where was the empire of Aksum located? Where the modern nation of Ethiopia is located.
The merchants of which area traded silently and secretly with the people of Sudan Ghana
Who was the Mali ruler, who conquered Ghana, gaining control of the gold and salt trade? Sundiate
Who was a traverler from Tangier who described the people of Mali as lovers of what? Justice and honesty
Which modern nation doe the empire of Aksum cover? Ethiopia
Who traded silently and secretly with the people of Sudan? Ghana merchants
Who was the Mali ruler who conquered Ghana and gained control of the gold and salt trade Sundiate
Who was a traveler from Tangier who described the people of Mali as lovers of justice and honesty Ibn Battuta
Why did Mansa Musa become famous? Wealth
With King Ezana's conversion, Christianity became which areas state religion? Aksum's
Songhai won its independence in the 15th century under the leadership of whom? Sunni Ali
By the 4th century, the coastal cities of east Africa were governed by who? Omani
What was a zimbabwe? Big stone house
What was the amergris? a waxy substance obtained from whales and used as perfumes
Which group came to Africa to trade for slaves, to explore, or to preach the gospel? Europeans
What did the Nyamwezi use to carry their goods to market? Porters
King Ezana ruled which empire? Aksum
Who were a great namadic people Tuareg
When did the empire of Ghana end? when the army of Mali attacked in 1203
For many years, the Nuamwezi controlled what? The trade routes to the east coast of Africa
Who werre the Omani? Arab kings living in Oman
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