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Lurvys Lines

My lines for the play

Homer: Right over there in the barn, Edith. Lurvy go out there and patch up that piece of fence that's coming down Lurvy: Sure thing, Mr. Zuckerman.
Homer: Oh he has a name, does he? Lurvy: All finished, Mr. Zuckerman. Well here's our new boarder
Wilbur: No,no. Please don't. Stop! Oh my goodness That was a terrible dream. There were mean with guns and knives coming to take me away. Lurvy: Here you go pig breakfast. Leftover pancakes, half a doughnut, stale toast. Absolutely What's that? I'm seeing things.Mr. Zuckerman! Mr. Zuckerman I think you'd better come out to the pigpen quick.
Homer: Now, Lurvy what could be so important that you had to drag me out here before I've finished- Lurvy: You'll see, Mr. Zuckerman. You'll See
Homer: All I can see is... the pig's not here! Lurvy: What?
Homer: Look out there in the chicken yard. He's escaped. Edith's out thee gathering eggs. Maybe she can head him off. Let's go! Lurvy: But...look at the spider web, Mr.Zuckerman
Homer: Well, you certainly gave us a run for our- Lurvy: Mr Zuckerman. Mrs. Zuckerman. Look! This is what i wanted to show you
Homer: A miracle has happened on this farm. Lurvy: A Miracle
Homer: Oh, no, it's the pig that's unusual. Edith,call the minister and tell him about the miracle. Then call the Arables. Hurry. You know, Lurvy, I've always thought all along that pig of ours was an extra good one. Lurvy: He's quite a pig.
Wilbur: I can't believe I spent the entire day and night sleeping. Oh, well. It's very refreshing. Especially in the Summer Lurvy: I'm afraid to look. I know it cant happen again. I don't believe my eyes. "Terrific" It did! It did happen again! "Terrific" Another miracle! Mr. Zuckerman! Come quick! It's another miracle!
Mrs. Arable: Did it happen again? Lurvy: Another miracle
Homer: Wilbur's safe for now, Fern. As long as he's attracting all this attention. Come on Lurvy. Work to do. Lurvy: Terrific pig.
Charlotte: Then Radiant you shall be. Lurvy: Sorry pig, I got so excited i forgot to leave your slop this morning. Mrs. Zuckerman even threw in a whole fresh piece of apple strudel she's baking for the visitors. That's what you get for being a terrific pig. Oh, yes.
Lurvy: Oh yes Lurvy: And Mr. Zuckerman is even talking about taking you to the county fair if all this excitement continues.
Fern: Radiant Lurvy: Radiant
Homer: We're back! Lurvy: They're mighty generous with their straw round here, Mr. Zuckerman. Thought I'd get a little more to make Wilbur comfortable
Arable: Well, they've got to grow up sometime. And a Fair is a good place to start, I guess. Lurvy: Here's the sign from Wilbur's crate, Mr, Zuckerman
Homer: Good, Lurvy.We'll set it right here so everybody will know this is the pig they've been hearing about. "Zuckerman's Famous Pig." Lurvy: If we're for the time being. Mr. Zuckerman, I think I'll go down to the midway and meet some of my friends.
Homer: Sure thing, Lurvy. Lurvy: Maybe i'l even win one of those Navaho blankets I've been hearing about.
Homer: That's terrific! Good for you, Lurvy. Lurvy: Just lucky, that's all
Avery: What is it, Lurvy? Lurvy: A genuine Navaho blanket.
Avery: That pig over there has already won first prize. All: What? Have the judges been here already? Oh, no. I can't believe Wilbur didn't. This is terrible
Arable: That's the spirit, Homer. Lurvy: I'll give him his breakfast
Homer: We've got no time to lose. Finish bathing him Edith Lurvy: I'll get a little more straw
Edith: We'll be back in a jiffy, Wilbur Lurvy: Wear that medal with pride boy
Arable: Martha, you and Fern and Avery get in the truck. We'll be there in a minute. Lurvy: We better straighten up. We dont want those governors of the fair to think that the prize-winning pig left a mess behind
Arable: Mighty fine Lurvy: Best one I ever been to. The Very best one
Wilbur: Right, I get everything beautifully planned out and it has to go and rain. I'm lonesome. And i know Fern will never come in such bad weather. Oh, honestly I'm less than two months old and already I'm tired of living Lurvy: Morning pig breakfast. Lots of good leftovers today. A meal fit for a pig! What's wrong with you? We must have a sick pig here. M. Zuckerman! Come out to the barn
Homer: Now he won't like this medicine so you hold him down while i feed it to him. Come on boy, this is Sulfur and Molasses. It'll cure what ails you! Lurvy: Okay dose him up Mr.Zuckerman! There that wasnt so bad.
Created by: Lurvy
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