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1920's Review

Prohibition The term to describe the illegality of sale production and distribution of alcohol in the US between 1920 - 1933
18th Amendment The prohibition Amendment enacted in 1920
Bootlegging Illegal transfer of alcohol
Speakeasies Bars that sold illegal alcohol
21st Amendment A repeal to the 18th Amendment of prohibition
Why prohibit alcohol? Worry that Americans would be a bunch of drunkards Women and children were beaten by drunk husbands/parents Jobs wouldn't get done, safety inefficiency during jobs People spent too much money on alcohol We could make the US a perfect society
World War I Impact on Prohibition Germans were their main alcohol suppliers Resources could go to the war instead
Why is Prohibition Feared? Organized crime from gangs/mobs and the violence they created Now associated with breaking the law Societal norms are changing (Women drinking, smoking, dancing, showing too much skin Black people being accepted because of their music City life changing
Communism? An economic and political system in which one political party holds power and works to create a world wide society in which exists
Resistance to Change / Communism No private ownership of business: gov't ownership of business Equal distribution of wealth Classless Society Free edu Free housing No capitalism No religion
Created by: spencerbuggie