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American History Chapter 18

this group consisted of Eastern European nations that were dominated by the Soviet Union satelite nations
this action proveded vital supplies to a region blockaded by the Soviet Union Berlin Aircraft
Both the United States and the Soveit Union joined this organization after World War II United Nations
He arranged for about 400 million dollars in aid to be sent to postwar Turkey and Greece. Harry S. Truman
This defensive military alliance was the first military alliance that the U.S. ever entered during peacetime NATO
This aid program was directed "not against any country or doctrine but against hunger, poverty, desperation, and chaos." Marshall Plan
this term refers to the indirect but hostile conflict between the U.S. and the Soviet Union that began at the end of World War II Cold War
He beleived that the best way to avoid a third war was to create a new world order in which all nations had the right of self determination Joseph Stalin
although Mao Zedong won the haerts of the Chinese peasants, he failed to win American support because he..... was a communist
the failure of Chang Kai-Shek's forces in the Chinese civil war can largely be blamde on his weak and corrupt leadership
who was forced to retreat to Tawaiin the Chinese Nationalists
the 38th parellel became an important dividing line between North and south Korea
who in the Koren war fought on the side of the communists China
General Douglas McArthur argued that the Korean War should be extended into a war against China
the Senate eventualy condemmed _________ for improper conduct that tended 'to bring the Senate into disrepute' Senator Joseph McCarthy
at various times ____ claimed to have personal knowledge of 57, 81 or 205 Communists working in hte State departmnent Senator Joseph McCarthy
___ could onl be charged with perjury, not espionage, becasue too many years had passed since the spying had taken place Alger Hiss
the technique of making unsupporte charges of disloyalty without regard for the basic rights of the accused was named after ____ Setaror Joseph McCarthy
the ____ decided not to cooperate with the investigation into whether the American film industry had beeninfluenced by Communist Hollywood ten
claiming to be persecuted for being Jewish and holding radical beleifs, ____ pleaded not guilty to the crime of espianoge Ethel and Julius Rosenberg
in 1947, ____subpeonaed 43 witnesses from the Hollywood film industry to give testimony on whether Communists influenced the American film industry HUAC
in pronouncing sentence on ____ Judge Irving Kauffman declared the crime "worse than murder" because it had put "into the hands of te Russians the A-Bomb Ethel and Julius Rosenberg
a repuplican from wiconsin; the most famous anti communist activist Senator Joseph McCarthy
the attacks by Senator Joseph McCarthy and others on people suspected to be communists in the early 1950's McCarthyanism
african american who was blacklisted for his views on Communism Robeson
the act of spying or gaining secret information about another government or business espionage
act of penetrating a group without being noticed infiltration
foung guilty of epionage and put to death ethel and julius rosenberg
accused of giving US documents to the Soveit Union Alger Hiss
a congressional commitee that investigated communit influence inside and outside the US government House un-american activists commitee-HUAC
ten witnesses from the film industry who refused to cooperate with the HUACs investigation of the communist influence in hollywood hollywood ten
a list of abut 500 actors, wrtiers, producers, and directors who were not allowed to work on Hollywoof film because of their elldged communist connections blacklist
a person who takes part in secretly planning something that is un-lawful conspirator
to bad military forces in a specific area demilitarize
the keader of china who was the US supported but was a corrupt leader Chang Kai-Shek
overthrew Chang kai-shek mao zedong
country wher chang kai-shek fled taiwan
demilitarized zone that devided Norht and South Korea 38th parellel
He led the nation that developed the first H-bomb Dwight D Eisenhower
the satelite nations of the Soviet Union were members of this military allieance warsaw Pact
this event led Khrushev to call off a summit conference he and Eisenhower were going to hold U-2 INcident
this policy was intended to defend the middle east against attack by any communist country Eisenhower Doctrine
this group converts actions helpdd to topple governemnts in Iran and Quatemala CIA
he told an aide "if one of these u-2's were lost when we were engaged in apparently sincere deliberations it could ruin my efectiveness" Dwight D Eisenhower
as secretary of state, he propsed that the US declare its intention to use massive retaliation against any agression john foster Dulles
the US policy required greater dependance on nuclear weapons and the airplanes that delivered them brinkmanship
this was intended to counterbalance the Soviet Union's growing prestige in the Middle East eisenhower doctrine
this U-2 pilot was convicted of espionage after his plane was shot down and he was forced to parachute into Soviet-controlled territory francis gary powers
hydrogen bomb-a thermonuclear weapon much more poweerful thatn the Atomic bomb H-Bomb
was president; was a general during WWII; became president in 1952; during h-bomb research dwight eisenhower
secretary of state; anti-communist; he supported brinkmanship john foster dulles
the pratice of threatening an enemy with massive military retaliation for any agression brinkamnship
a wall built to seperate Eastern and western blocks iron curtain
the big three had a conference at potsdam in Berlin potsdam conference
taking measures to prevent extension of communist rule to other countries policy of cantaintment
a 327 day operation; the Us and British planes flew food and supplies into west Berlin berlin airlift
a defensive military alliance; western european nationsa and US and Canada joined NATO
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