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APUSH Ch. 33

The Depression & New Deal

Hawley-Smoot Tarriff Meant to assist farmers. Highest peacetime tariff. Raised to 60%.
Hoovervilles Shantytowns of tin-and-paper. People fought over garbage and old newspapers for blankets.
"Rugged Individualism"
First "Hundred Days" Members hastily cranked out an unprecedented basketful of remedial legislation.
Glass-Steagall Act (1933) Provided for the Federal Deposit Insurance Coorporation
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Insured individual deposits up to $5,000 (later raised). Ended epidemic of bank failures.
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Provided employment in fresh-air government camps for about 3 million uniformed young men. Kept them from performing criminal acts. Useful work (reforestation, firefighting, flood control, and swamp drainage). Required to send most of their pay home.
Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) Made millions of dollar available to help farmers meet their mortgages.
Father Charles Coughlin Catholic priest in Michigan. Slogan was "Social Justice". Preached anti-New Deal to some 40 million radio fans. Finally silenced in 1942.
Sen. Huey P. Long "Share Our Wealth" program. Promised to make "Every Man King". Every family was to receive $5,000.
Dr. Francis Townsend Every elder 60+ was to receive $200 a month provided the money be spent within that month. Scheme costed one-half the national income.
Works Progress Administration (WPA) Objective was employment on useful projects. Ultimately spent about $11 million on thousands of public buildings, bridges, and hard-surfaced roads. over 8 years, nearly 9 million people were given jobs.
National Recovery Administration (NRA) Designed to assist industry, labor, and the unemployed. Labor was granted additional benefits.
Public Works Administration (PWA) Intended both for industrial recovery and unemployment relief. Long-range recover was the primary purpose. In time, over $4 billion was spent on some 34,000 projects including public buildings, highways, and parkways.
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