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Age of Exploration

Native Americans/Age of Exploration Test Study Guide Activity

What are the Fab 5 countries? Spain, France, Netherlands, England, and Portugal
Definition of culture A group's set of common values and traditions, including language, government, and family relationships.
Definition of Migration movement of people/animals
Hunter-gatherers People who hunted animals and gathered wild plants for food.
Bering Land Bridge A land bridge between northeastern Asia and present-day Alaska was exposed.
Environments climates and landscapes that surround living things.
Where did the Makah live? Northwest Pacific coast
What was the Hopi's environment like? Desert, Dry, and very little rain
Where did the Mandan's live? Along the banks of the Missouri River and present day North Dakota
What were the jobs like in the Iroquois tribe? Weave baskets and make clay pots
What was the temperature like by where the Creek lived? Summer- 82 degrees and above Winter- below 40 degrees
The northeast and south could harvest home many times a year? twice
What are the 4 G's? Gold, glory, God, and Grades
When did Christopher Columbus discover America? October 12, 1492
What was Leif Erikson's birth place? Norway
What country did Ferdinand Magellan work for? Spain
What was Francisco Pizzaro's goal of exploration? To find the Inca's.
Where was John Cabot born? Italy
What was Henry Hudson's goal of exploration? To find a northwest passage
What was Francisco's Vasquez de Cornado goal of exploration? To find the legendary 7 cities of gold.
Created by: ljodoin9