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Ch 7, Sec 1

Vocab: Republican Virtues Self-Reliance, Thrift/Frugality, hard work,harmony, & sacrificing individual needs for the good of the community.
Why were Republican Virtues considered important? Americans would need these to govern themselves in the New Republic
Vocab: Mobile Society One in which people continually move from place to place.
Name two major effects of a mobile society. 1) Opportunity to improve their lives 2) Away from families they had to develop FRIENDSHIPS with strangers, learn new skills for getting along
Name one of the more important social skills that was a result of a mobile society? The ability to judge strangers. Their role in society
What factors drove population growth in the early 1800s? A great increase in the number of Births
Why did Courtship take on new importance in the mobile society of the 1800s? With a mobile society, A woman would not know much about a mans stature or family background and that took time to learn prior to commitment.
How did American try to advance the culture of the new nation? With Independence from Great Britain, America could determine its own destiny
In 1782 The Continental Congress chose a symbol of the United States what was it? The Bald Eagle
What does the Bald Eagle stand for? Freedom and Independence and Raw Energy
Who was Noah Webster? A respected teacher and author who wrote "The American Spelling Book", wrote the first American Dictionary of the English Language.
What did Noah Webster call upon the new nation to do in 1790? Stride Boldly into the future
Noah Webster & others wanted to establish the country's "nation character" and promoted such things as ...? Education & The Arts (considered Virtuous behavior)
Who hosted political meetings, wrote patriotic plays encouraging independence and wrote a book "History of the American Revolutio"? Mercy Otis Warren
Name the doctor,scientist, book publisher from Pennsylvania that signed the Declaration of Independence and believe mental illness to be a disease? Benjamin Rush
Name the 1/2 Black, 1/2 white astronomer that was self educated and published the first Almanac of the moon, sun, stars, planets. Benjamin Banneker
Name the skilled portrait artist, that founded the first major museum in the new nation? Charles Willson Peale
Name the slave from West Africa that gained fame for her collection of Poems titled "Poems on various Subjects, Religious and Moral"? Phillis Wheatley
Vocab: Second Great Awakening Powerful religious movement of the 1800s
Where did the Second Great Awakening start from? The backcountry of Kentucky and Tennessee
Was the Second Great Awakening an Evangelical movement? Yes
A Christian religious movement is considered Evangeleical when it stresses Three ideas, name them? 1)The Bible is the final authority 2)Salvation only through belief in Jesus 3)True faith and actions "witnessing for Christ"
Second Great Awakening was DEMOCRATIC and stressed the importance of what__ instead of ministers? Congregation (anyone rich or poor could be saved)
What was the main difference between the Great Awakening (colonial) and the Second Great Awakening: The first one, people rejected traditional authorities. The Second Awakening promised Salvation to those that believed in Christ and the Bible
Did both of the Great Awakenings make religion democratic? Yes
Was Mercy Otis Warren a good example of a "Republican Woman"/ Why or why not? Yes, she made sacrifices & worked hard for the good of a common cause (The Revolution)
What coes AME stand for? African Methodist Episcopal
What did the AME do? Created a place for African Americans to Worship and gave them a voice.
How did the Second Great Awakening lead to the growth of ne Christian Denominations? BAPTIST grew because the had evangelical zeal. METHODISM appealed to the common people. UNITARIANISM offere hope and reason. MORMON grew due to simplicity of doctrine.
One common feature of the Second Great Awakening was called the what? Revival
The Revival gathering did what? After listening to a preacher people were "revived" or brought back to a religious life.
Did the Revival movement bring women increased power? Yes, but it was indirect
Prior to the 2nd Great Awakening and the new denominations (Baptist,Methodist,Unitarians, Mormons) what were the two most important denominations? The Presbyterians and Congregationalists
Baptist got their name from what? Beliefs about Baptism (no babies, only those old enough to understand beleifs)& by full immersion
Methodist grew from the beliefs of a British Minister named? John Wesley
The Methodist religion had many followers due to four reasons? 1)Personal relationship with GOD 2)Appealed to the Common people 3)Spread the message by way of traveling ministers 4)Held Frequent Revivals
What was a Methodist traveling minister called? Circuit Rider
Is Unitariansm an evangelical faith? No
How did the Unitarians see Jesus? As a human messenger of God, BUT not divine himself.
How did the Unitarians see God? As a loving father, not a stern judge
Who was the Boston minister that organized the American Unitarian Association? William Ellery Channing
Why did the Unitarian Minister Channing believe that people were on earth? So God could train us by aids and obstructions, by conflicts of reason and passion....for union with God.
Who published the book of Mormon? Joseph Smith
The New YOek region experience lots of fiery religious movement in the region and it became know as what? The Burned-Over District
Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon supposedly from what? Buried Gold Plates that an angel let him to find.
Joseph started a church based on the Book of Mormon called what? Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints later just called Mormons
An evangelical Baptist minister named William Miller beleived in the Advent (second coming) and his followers were called? Millennialists
Name some of the churches from the Millennialist followers? Seventh Day Adventist, Advent Christian Church
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