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Chapter 12!!!!!!!!!!


Who was Monroe's secretary of state? John Quincy Adams
How many people wanted to replace JAMES MONROE as president? ***Hint: Not a good number in Chinese culture...hope it helped ;)*** fourfourfour4fourfour
Who did the South back for the election of 1824? ***Hint: He's from Georgia*** WiLLiaM Crawford
Westerners supported the "Great Compromiser", which is.....? ***Hint: Play-doh is fun*** Henry Clay
The Westerners also supported another man, a former military hero from Tennessee...who was it? ***Hint: "Old Hickory"*** Andrew Jackson
After Clay got fourth place in the election and therefore was out of the election, who did he throw his support to? ***Hint: He was unpopular later on...*** John Quincy Adams
Who was Andrew Jackson said to be representing? ***Hint,how was he different?*** "The common man"
What is Jacksonian Democracy? The idea of spreading political power to all the people therefore ensuring majority rule.
How was ANdreW jaCKson different from the past presidents? He was the first president not born into a aristocratic Massachusetts or Virginia family.
In which battle was Andrew jackSON most famous for? ***Hint, It's a battle not supposed to be fought.*** Battle of New Orleans
What did the spoils system do? It was the practice of giving government jobs to political backers (people who supports him or people who bribed him...disregard the last choice.)
What caused the Trail of Tears? ***Hint:Money makes the world go round...*** The discovery of gold in the Appalachian mountains.
What was the religious group that openly opposed the Trail of Tears? ***Hint: Oatmeal*** The Quakers...
Who led the Seminoles in their fight against the federal government? ***Hint: Either I'm stupid or his name starts with a "O" and ends with a "A".*** Osceola
Was the Tariff of Abominations successful? NOPE
What did the doctrine of nullification do? It stated that a state had the right to nullify or cancel a law that think is unconstitutional.
What did South Carolina threaten to do if the federal government tried to collect tariffs? ***Hint: Sounds awfully like the Civil War, although it happened about 30 years before it.*** To withdraw from the Union.
How did "Old Hickory" close the Second Bank of the United States? He vetoed the request to renew the Bank's charter.
What was the result when the Second Bank of the United States was shut down? The economy suffered.
Who did Whigs nominate in the election of 1840? ***Hint: He was a hero of the war of 1812 and he had a nickname, "Old Tippecanoe" He was also the first president to die in office...but not the last.*** William Henry Harrison
What caused the Panic of 1837? The closing of the Second Bank of the United States, and inflation.
The Panic of 1837 occurred on who's presidency? Martin Van Buren
What is a depression? A severe economic slump.
What is inflation? ***Hint: What does it mean in inflate? $$$$$*** Increase in prices but decrease in the value of money.
Created by: LookBehindYou