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environmental crisis

Ecology The study of the relationships between living things and there environments..
Pesticides The chemicals used to kill insects on plants.
Earth day Following the publication of silent spring senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin proposed the idea of and earth day.
Multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) Nations began negotiating Multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) , or pacts among nations to protect the environment.
Kyoto accord One of the most talked about MEAs in recent years grew out of a conference held in Kyoto , Japan in December 1997.
Keeping the planet alive The environmental movement alerted people to many challenges facing our planet.
Blood diseases Nerve damage , birth defects , cancer , and so on.
Love canal In the 1970s, people living in a New York housing development named love canal noticed that their communities had a high rate of serious health problems.
Three mile island On march 28, one of the reactors at the three mile island nuclear facility outside Harrisburg , Pennsylvania , over heated when its cooling system failed.
Bhopal A major ecological disasters occurred at a chemical plant in Bhopal, India.
Chernobyl (1986) In the mid 19800's , the Soviet Union was the site of the worst nuclear accidents thus far.
Valdez oil spill (1989) On march 24, shortly after midnight, the oil tanker Exxon Valdez struck the blight Reef in prince William sound, Alaska.
Government Such ecological disasters led people to pressure their government into dealing with environmental problems.
Pollution (Is the chemical waste such as chemical or harmful gases in to the air , water , and , soil)
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