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Bill Vocab

PAPGov-Dan Viera

Bill A proposed law presented to a legislative body for consideration
Joint Resolution A proposal for action that has the force of law when passed
Concurrent Resolution A statement of position on tan issue used by the House and the Senate acting jointly
Resolution A measure relationg to the buisness of either house or expressing another opinion
Rider Unpopular provision added to an important bill certain to pass so that it will "ride" through the legislative process
Discharge Petition A procedure enabling members to force a bill that has been pigeonholed in comittee onto the floor for consideration
Subcommittee Division existing committee that is formed to address specific issues
Committe of the Whole A committee that consists of an entire legislative body
Quorum Least number of members who must be present for a legislative body to conduct biusness
Engrossed To print a bill in its final form
Tabled Postponing the consideration of a legislative "event"
Fillibuster Various tactics aimed at defeating a bill in a legislative body by preventing a final vote
Cloture Procedurethatmay be used to limit or end floor debateina legilative body
Veto Cheif executives power to reject a bill
Pocket Veto Type of veto a chief executive may useafter a legislature has adjourned
Created by: dviera152