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Chapt 16 8th SS

Study Guide for Chapter 16 Test, Creating America

Anaconda Plan Union strategy to smother the Southern economy through the use of blockades and to split the South by controlling the Mississippi River.
Battle of Antietam 1862 Civil War battle when 25,000 men were killed or wounded. Union forces ultimately won the battle but at heavy costs.
Battle of Shiloh A battle in 1862 in Tennessee in which unprepared Union forces under Ulysses S. Grant defeated the Confederacy forces despite receiving heavy losses.
First Battle of Bull Run First major battle of the Civil war in which the South shocked the North with a victory.
Fort Sumter Federal fort located in the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina; Southern attack on the fort marked the beginning of the Civil War.
Hygiene Conditions and practices that promote health.
Ironclad Civil war warships covered in iron.
Minie Ball A bullet with a hollow base, that expanse to fit the grooves of the barrel.
Rifle A gun with a grooved barrel that causes a bullet to spin through the air.
Robert E. Lee Talented Confederate General who lead the Virginia army, considered to be one of the best General of the Civil War.
Ulysses S. Grant U.S. general, commander of the Union armies during the late years of the American Civil War, and 18th president of the United States.
What were some of the North’s advantages in the Civil War? They had superior weaponry. They had a larger population. They had the industry necessary to continue to supply arms. They had an extensive railroad system.
What were some of the South’s advantages in the Civil War? They were fighting on their own land. They had superior leaders. Most of their soldiers were well trained in shooting rifles.
Union captain who attempted to fortify and hold Fort Sumter against Confederate attack Robert Anderson
At the beginning of the war, what did Lincoln order? 75,000 militiamen to serve for 90 days.
What was the background of many soldiers who fought in the Civil War? Poor, uneducated farmers
Name the 4 border states Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, and Missouri
Why were the Border States important to the Union? They possessed important resources, population, and geographic location.
For what specific reason was Maryland an important border state? Washington D.C. is in Maryland and if it joined the confederacy, or was captured Washington would be in enemy territory.
Describe the Confederate strategy in the War Fight a defensive war and hope the Union will give up or that aid from Europe will tip the scales and force the Union to negotiate.
What name is given to the Union war strategy? Anaconda Plan
What were the three parts of the Anaconda Plan? Blockade Southern ports to prevent support and resupply from Europe. Control the Mississippi River, dividing East from West. March East to take Richmond.
Why was the capture of New Orleans a devastating blow to the Confederacy? New Orleans was a major port city that controlled the Mississippi River. Its capture divided the Confederacy in two.
What was the result of the battle of Shiloh? The Union army was unprepared and suffered severe losses despite the Union Victory.
Who was the Union general at Shiloh? William Tecumseh Sherman, who captured the notice of Grant with the victory
Why were casualty rates higher in the Civil War? New advancements in military technology
What advantage did McClellan have in the Battle of Antietam? He had been given Confederate battle plans.
Who won the Battle of Antietam? The Union claimed victory after Confederate forces withdrew.
What was Lincoln’s response to Antietam? He eventually replaced McClellan for not pursuing Lee’s forces.
What did Lincoln do following the firing on Ft. Sumter? Ordered 75,000 militiamen to serve for 90 days.
Explain the advantages the North and the South had in the Civil War. The North had more factories, more railroads, and more people;the South had more experienced Generals and officers, and was fighting a defensive war, with men defending their homes.
Why was New Orleans important during the war? New Orleans was an important port city that controlled the Mississippi River.
Be able to diagram and explain the Anaconda Plan.
Created by: judi829
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