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City-state of Thebes

Notes for studying Thebes (created by sparkly bacon)

What were the three government types in Thebes, and in what order did they occur? First: Oligarchy, Second: Boeotian Confederacy, Third: Democracy
What was Thebes' relationship with Athens? Thebes had a treaty with Athens in the Peloponnesian War, in the Athenian League.
What was Thebes' relationship with Sparta? Sparta controlled Thebes for a short period of time.
Who was Epaminondas? Epaminondas was a General and Statesman, who brought Thebes out of subjugation, or control. There are several different stories about him. Afterward he was blamed for taking all the strength out of Greece and paved the way for the Macedonian conquest.
Who was Philip II? He paved the way for Alexander to take over the Persian Empire by taking over Greece. Murdered by Pausanias of Orestis (one of his seven bodyguards). If he didn't control Greece, Alexander would not have enough troops to take over the Persian Empire.
What was the Boeotian military (army)? Boeotia was an area of land and Thebes was the captial. The army fought against Sparta and won at Thebes to retake the capital.
More stuff on Philip II: Philip II also created the sarissa, a long pike that gave his phalanx an advantage. Normal Greek battle strategies had strong edges and a small middle.
Why was the second Athenian League formed? For conquering large domination of the Aegean Sea.
What was the sacred band of Thebes? It was a group of 150 male lovers, and the elite force of Thebes in the 4th century BC.
What was the Battle of Leuctra? Part of the Pre Peloponnesian War conflicts, fought on July 6, 371. The battle was between Boeotia and Sparta.
Even MORE stuff on Philip II... The Battle of Caeronea was fought in the Macedonian conquest in 338 B.C. in Boeotia. Philip lead the battle, and it was a victory for Philip. The peace of Philocrates was when Athens' security was no longer and hoped to make peace with Philip.
Created by: dmsasb