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Taylor's SS: Chs 1-6

War, Peace and All That Jazz - Chapters 1-6 Vocab and People to Know

Armistice Day The day World War 1 ended, on November 11, 1918
Fourteen Points Woodrow Wilson's peace plan - it included free trade, freedom of the seas, arms (weapons) reduction, forming of a league of nations
self-determination to determine your own fate by voting
Treaty of Versailles a peace treaty signed in France after World War 1
League of Nations nations would work together to bring peace
isolationism to stay out of the world's problems, and mind your own business
influenza a disease that killed 20 million people in 1918, commonly called the flu
pandemic a disease that spreads over many nations
temperance moderation of alcohol
prohibition outlawing all alcohol; the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
dry a state in which it is against the law to buy or sell liquor
bootleggers people who sold liquor illegally
speakeasies illegal bar where liquor was sold
teetotaler a person who does no drink alcohol, and agrees with prohibition
suffrage the right to vote
suffragists someone who fights for the right to vote
19th Amendment women get the right to vote
Susan B. Anthony woman suffragist; her face is on a dollar coin; started fighting for equal rights at a young age
Alice Paul woman suffragist; organized motorcar to Washington D.C. with a petition 18,000 feet long (half-million signatures)
Carrie Chapman Catt woman suffragist; head of the National American Woman Suffrage Association
Created by: Momof4