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Article 3


What Branch is Article 3? Judicial Branch
What does this branch mean? To interpret the law
What Court is set up by the Constitution? Supreme Court
What are all the other courts set up by? Congress
What are the types of Federal Courts? Trial Courts, Appellate Courts, Supreme Courts
What is the order of the courts? Trial Courts, Appellate Courts, Supreme Courts
Where do 99% of the courts trials start off at? Trial Courts
Do the Appellate Courts have to listen to your case? Yes
Does the Supreme court have to listen to your case? No
What does every american have a right to in thier case? Trial by Jury
Where is trial held? In the state in which the crime was comitted
If a crime is not committed in a state who dicides where this trial is held? Congress
Which court is set up differently then other courts? The Supreme Court
Is there a Jury in the Supreme Court? No there is no Jury
How many Chief Justices is there? 1
Are the votes equal or not in the Supreme Court? Votes are all equal
How many associate Judges are there? 8
How many Judges are there all together? 9
All supreme court judges are appointed by who? The President
Name 4 types of cases heard by the Federal courts? Involving the constitution Between states Involving ships and sailors Involving federal laws and treaties
What does Jurisdiction? The power, right, or authority to interpret and apply the law
A Jurisdiction is whay type of cases is this? Types of Cases a court can hear
What is a Original case? Case is heard only by the supreme court, cases in which a state is involved, and cases in which foreign government is involved
What is a Appellate case? Cases heard by lower courts
What can the Appellate case not do? Do not determine innocence or gult
What can the Appellate cases do? Check to see if a law is constitutional or if a case is handled fairly
What are the two reasons Treason can be committed? 1.) Fighting against the US in war 2.) Helping a US enemy
A person can only be convicted of Treason by? 1.) Confession of the accused 2.) Two eyewitness
What are the punishments for Treason? 1.) Punishment determined by congress 2.) Life in prison 3.) death
If you are found guilty of Treason can your family be punished? NO your family CANNOT be punished
What can each branch not have to much of? They cannot have to much power
Created by: 13ebruce