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harrison thru trumen

Benjamin Harrison Department of Agriculture
Benjamin Harrison National Farmer's Alliance
Benjamin Harrison Oklahoma Territory opened for settlement
Benjamin Harrison Brought in N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Oklahoma
Benjamin Harrison Hull House
Benjamin Harrison Billion Dollar Congress
Benjamin Harrison McKinley Tariff
Benjamin Harrison Sherman Anti-Trust Act
Benjamin Harrison United Mine Workers
Benjamin Harrison Sherman Silver Purchase Act
Benjamin Harrison wounded Knee
Benjamin Harrison Census declares fronteir closed
Benjamin Harrison Alfred Thayer Mahan- Influence of Sea power on history
Benjamin Harrison Basketball invented at Springfield, Massachusetts
Benjamin Harrsion Homestead Steel Strike
Benjamin Harrison Populist Party organized
Benjamin Harrison Columbian Exposition in Chicago
Benjamin Harrison Sierra Club, John Muir
Benjamin Harrison Ellis Island opened
Benjamin Harrison Fredrick Jackson Turner - "significance of the frontier in American history"
Grover Cleveland Queen Lili overthrown
Grover Cleveland Stephan Crane "Maggie: A Girl of the Streets"
Grover Cleveland Panic of 1893 [Depression lasts until 1897]
Grover Cleveland Black Friday
Grover Cleveland Repeals Sherman Silver Purchase Act
Grover Cleveland Drought
Grover Cleveland Wilson-Gorman Tariff
Grover Cleveland Coxey's Army
Grover Cleveland Pullman Strike
Grover Cleveland United States v E.C. Knight Co.
Grover Cleveland Borrowed $62 million from J.P. Morgan
Grover Cleveland Coney Island opened
Grover Cleveland Plessy v. Ferguson
William McKinley New Imperialism
William McKinley Library of Congress opens
William McKinley Teller amendment
William McKinley Charlotte Perkins Gilman "Women in Economics
William McKinley Battleship Maine
William McKinley Spanish-American War
William McKinley Rough Riders
William McKinley Acquisition of Hawaii
William McKinley Philippines guerrilla warfare
William McKinley Thorstein Veblen "The Theory of the Leisure Class"
William McKinley Boxer Rebellion
William McKinley Foraker Act [Puerto Rico]
William McKinley Currency Act [Places U.S. on gold standard]
William McKinley Social Party
Theodore Roosevelt Square Deal
Theodore Roosevelt "Trust Buster"
Theodore Roosevelt United States Forest Service/ national parks and Nature preserves
Theodore Roosevelt Modernized Army: Great White Fleet, Army College, etc.
Theodore Roosevelt United States Steel, J.P. Morgan
Theodore Roosevelt Platt Amendment
Theodore Roosevelt Anthracite Coal Strike
Theodore Roosevelt Philippine Government Act
Theodore Roosevelt National Reclamation Act
Theodore Roosevelt Newland Act
Theodore Roosevelt W.E.B. DuBois "The Souls of Black Folk"
Theodore Roosevelt Big Stick Policy
Theodore Roosevelt Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty
Theodore Roosevelt Department of Commerce and Labor
Theodore Roosevelt Panama Canal begins
Theodore Roosevelt Wright Brothers first air flight
Theodore Roosevelt Lincoln Steffens "The Shame of Citites"
Theodore Roosevelt Ida Tarbell "History of the Standard oil Company"
Theodore Roosevelt Roosevelt Corollary and Lodge Corollary added to the Monroe Doctrine
Theodore Roosevelt Treaty of Portsmouth- concludes Russo-Japanese war
Theodore Roosevelt Industrial Workers of the World
Theodore Roosevelt Industrial Workers of the World organized
Theodore Roosevelt Niagara movement Established- Leads to NAACP
Theodore Roosevelt Receives Nobel Peace Prize
Theodore Roosevelt Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle"
Theodore Roosevelt Hepburn Act
Theodore Roosevelt Pure Food and Drug Act and Meat Inspection Act
Theodore Roosevelt Walter Raushenbusch "Christianity and the Social Crisis"
Theodore Roosevelt Great White Fleet's World voyage
Theodore Roosevelt Gentlemen's Agreement
Theodore Roosevelt Ford's Model T introduced
Theodore Roosevelt Muller v. Oregon
William H. Taft Dollar Diplomacy
William H. Taft Mann-Elkins ACt
William H. Taft NAACP
William H. Taft Payne-Aldrich Tariff
William H. Taft Jane Addams "Twenty Years at Hull House
William H. Taft Ballinger-Pinchot controversy
William H. Taft Angel Island opened
William H. Taft Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
William H. Taft Dollar Diplomacy - nigaragua
William H. Taft Supreme court orders dissolution of Standard Oil
William H. Taft Standard Oil v. Jersey
William H. Taft Progressive Party
Woodrow Wilson Moral Diplomacy
Woodrow Wilson New Freedom
Woodrow Wilson 16th Amendment
Woodrow Wilson 17th Amendment
Woodrow Wilson Underwood Tariff
Woodrow Wilson Federal Reserve Banking Act
Woodrow Wilson WW1
Woodrow Wilson Panama Canal opened
Woodrow Wilson Moral Diplomacy - Vercruz, Mexico
Woodrow Wilson Federal Trade Commission Act
Woodrow Wilson Clayton Antitrust ACt
Woodrow Wilson Archduke Franz Ferdinand assasssinated
Woodrow Wilson Moral Diplomacy - Haiti
Woodrow Wilson Moral Diplomacy - Dominican Republic
Woodrow Wilson Lusitania sunk
Woodrow Wilson Sussex Pledge
Woodrow Wilson John Dewey Democracy and Education
Woodrow Wilson Moral Diplomacy- Mexico to find Pancho Villa
Woodrow Wilson Margaret Sanger opens first birth control clinic in NYC
Woodrow Wilson Keating-Owen Act
Woodrow Wilson Time Zones implemented through nation
Woodrow Wilson National Defense Act
Woodrow Wilson Federal Farm Loan Act
Woodrow Wilson US troops withdraw from Mexico
Woodrow Wilson Zimmerman Telegraph
Woodrow Wilson US enters WW1
Woodrow Wilson Selective Service Act
Woodrow Wilson War Industries Board
Woodrow Wilson Committee on Public Information
Woodrow Wilson Food Administration
Woodrow Wilson Espionage Act
Woodrow Wilson Bolshevik Revolution
Woodrow Wilson World Wide influenza pandemic
Woodrow Wilson Sedition Acts
Woodrow Wilson Fourteen Points
Woodrow Wilson Armistice
Woodrow Wilson 18th Amendment
Woodrow Wilson Volstead Act
Woodrow Wilson A. Mitchell Palmer raids/Red Scare
Woodrow Wilson 19th Amendment-womens sufferage
Woodrow Wilson Treaty of Versailles with League of Nations
Woodrow Wilson Schenck v. US
Woodrow Wilson Senate rejects Treaty of Versailles
Woodrow Wilson American Civil Liberties Union established
Woodrow Wilson U.S. v. United States Steel Co.
Woodrow Wilson Sinclair Lewis Main Street
Woodrow Wilson Radio broadcasting begins
Warren G. Harding Normalcy
Warren G. Harding Revenue Act
Warren G. Harding Budget and Accounting Act
Warren G. Harding Emergency quota act
Warren G. Harding Washington Naval Arms Conference
Warren G. Harding Fordney-McCumber Tariff Act
Warren G. Harding Sinclair Lewis Babbitt
Warren G. Harding Charles Forbes and VA scandel
Warren G. Harding Teapot Dome Scandal
Calvin Coolidge Domestic policy- Laisse-fair or non-intervention
Calvin Coolidge National Origins Act
Calvin Coolidge Immigration Act
Calvin Coolidge Scopes Trial
Calvin Coolidge Florida real esate boom
Calvin Coolidge F. Scott Fitzgerald "The Great Gatsby"
Calvin Coolidge Theodore Dreiser "An American Tragedy"
Calvin Coolidge Created the Federal Radio Commission
Calvin Coolidge US troops in Nicaragua
Calvin Coolidge Charles A. Lindbergh begins epic flight
Calvin Coolidge Sacco and Vanzetti were executed
Calvin Coolidge "The Jazz Singer"
Calvin Coolidge Fords Model A introduced
Calvin Coolidge Vetoed the McNary-Haugen farm bill
Calvin Coolidge Kellogg Briand Pact
Herbert Hoover Stock Market Crash
Herbert Hoover William Faulkner "The sound of Fury"
Herbert Hoover Earnest Hemingway "A FArewell to Arms"
Herbert Hoover Depression
Herbert Hoover Hoovervilles
Herbert Hoover Federal Farm Board
Herbert Hoover Smoot Hawley Tariff
Herbert Hoover Emergency Committee for employment
Herbert Hoover Vetoed Muscle Shoals Bill
Herbert Hoover Scottsboro Case
Herbert Hoover Japan invades Manchuria
Herbert Hoover Reconstruction Finance Corporation
Herbert Hoover Bonus Marchers
Franklin D. Roosevelt Great Depression
Franklin D. Roosevelt first new deal
Franklin D. Roosevelt second new deal
Franklin D. Roosevelt emergency banking relief act
Franklin D. Roosevelt Glass-Steagall Act
Franklin D. Roosevelt Good Neighbor Policy
Franklin D. Roosevelt U.S. officially recognizes Soviet Union
Franklin D. Roosevelt Hundred Days
Franklin D. Roosevelt Bank Holiday
Franklin D. Roosevelt Federal Securities Act
Franklin D. Roosevelt 20th Amendment
Franklin D. Roosevelt 21st Amendment
Franklin D. Roosevelt Alphabet Soup
Franklin D. Roosevelt TVA
Franklin D. Roosevelt SEC
Franklin D. Roosevelt Indian Reorganization Act
Franklin D. Roosevelt Huey Long, "Share the Wealth"
Franklin D. Roosevelt Nye Committee investigations
Franklin D. Roosevelt Social Security Act
Franklin D. Roosevelt National Labor Relations Act
Franklin D. Roosevelt WPA
Franklin D. Roosevelt Schechter Poultry Corp. v. US
Franklin D. Roosevelt U.S. v. Butler
Franklin D. Roosevelt United Auto Workers sit-down strike
Franklin D. Roosevelt Neutrality ACts
Franklin D. Roosevelt Japan invades China
Franklin D. Roosevelt Cash n' Carry
Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial Day massacre
Franklin D. Roosevelt court packing
Franklin D. Roosevelt Roosevelt Recession
Franklin D. Roosevelt Congress of Industrial Organizations
Franklin D. Roosevelt Munich Conference
Franklin D. Roosevelt John Steinbeck "The Grapes of Wrath"
Franklin D. Roosevelt Germany invades Poland, WW1
Franklin D. Roosevelt Blitzkreig
Franklin D. Roosevelt Battle of Britain
Franklin D. Roosevelt Blacks march on Washington
Franklin D. Roosevelt Pearl Harbor
Franklin D. Roosevelt Fair Employment Practices Commission
Franklin D. Roosevelt War Powers Act
Franklin D. Roosevelt Lend Lease
Franklin D. Roosevelt Atlantic Charter
Franklin D. Roosevelt Office of War Information
Franklin D. Roosevelt Congress of Racial Equality
Franklin D. Roosevelt Zoot Suit riots
Franklin D. Roosevelt Casablanca Conference
Franklin D. Roosevelt Teheran Conference
Franklin D. Roosevelt D-Day
Franklin D. Roosevelt Servicemen's Readjustment Act
Franklin D. Roosevelt Korematsu v. US
Franklin D. Roosevelt Yalta Conference
Franklin D. Roosevelt Manhattan Project
Harry S. Truman Fair Deal
Harry S. Truman Cold War
Harry S. Truman Potsdam Conference
Harry S. Truman V-E Day and V-J Day
Harry S. Truman WW2 Nuclear Bomb
Harry S. Truman Baby Boom
Harry S. Truman Red Scare-McCarthyism
Harry S. Truman Benjamin Spock "Baby and Child Care"
Harry S. Truman George Kennan "Containment"
Harry S. Truman Winston Churchill "Iron Curtain"
Harry S. Truman Employment Act
Harry S. Truman Truman Doctrine
Harry S. Truman Marshall Plan
Harry S. Truman Taft-Hartley Act
Harry S. Truman National Security Council
Harry S. Truman Central Intelligence Agency
Harry S. Truman Federal Employee Loyalty Program
Harry S. Truman Alger Hiss case
Harry S. Truman Berlin Blockade-airlift
Harry S. Truman North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Harry S. Truman China falls to communism
Harry S. Truman USSR develops nuclear power
Harry S. Truman Sweat v. Painter
Harry S. Truman McCarran Internal Security Act
Harry S. Truman NSC-68
Harry S. Truman 22nd Amendment
Harry S. Truman Rosenberg Trials
Harry S. Truman Ralph Ellison Invisible Man
Harry S. Truman Hydrogen Bomb
Harry S. Truman Korean War
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