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Talks about the times during the terms of the first four U.S. presidents

Who was the first president of the United States? George Washington
How many terms did George Washington serve? Two
Who was the second president of the United States? John Adams
How many terms did John Adams serve? One
Who was the third president of the United States? Thomas Jefferson
How many terms did Thomas Jefferson serve? Two
Who was the fourth president of the United States? James Madison
How many terms did James Madison serve? Two
When was George Washington inaugurated as president? April 30, 1789
Where did Washington's inauguration take place? New York City
How did Washington want people to adress him as president? Mr.President
What does the Secretary of State do? Handles relations with other nations
Who was the first Secretary of State? Thomas Jefferson
What does the Secretary of the Treasury do? Deals with financial matters
What does the Secretary of War do? Provides for the nation's defense
Who was the first Secreatary of War? Henry Knox
Which congressional act set up the nation's court system? Judiciary Act of 1789
Who was the first chief justice of the Supreme Court? John Jay
Who was the first Secretary of the Treasury? Alexander Hmilton
When was the Bill of Rights added? December 1971
What did Hamilton's national tax on whiskey lead to? Whiskey Rebellion
After losing to Chief Little Turtle, where did Americans beat Shawnee Chief Blue Jacket? The Battle of Fallen Timbers
In what treaty did Native Americans agree to surrender present-day Ohio? Treaty of Greenville
When Britain and France went to war in 1793, which political party favored the British? Federalists
When Britain and France went to war in 1793, which political party favored the French? Democratic-Repulbicans
When Britain and France went to war in 1793, which leader wanted the United States to remain neutral in the war? George Washingon
What was issued on April 22, 1793? Neutrality Proclamation of 1793
In what treaty did the British agree to widthdraw form American soil, pay damages for the ships they had seized, and allow American ships to trade with British colonies in the Caribbean? Jay's Treaty
Why did many Americans not approve of Jay's treaty? It did not deal with the impressement issue
Which treaty with Spain in 1795 gave Americans free navigation of the Mississippi? Pickney's Treaty
What 3 things did Washington warn Americans of in his farewell adress? Political parties, pemanent allies, and political division between the North and South
What sort of governmentdid the Federalist party favor? A strong national government
What sort of government did the Democratic-Republican party favor? A weak national government
Ho did France punish the U.S. for signing Jay's treaty with Great Britain? They attacked U.S. ships
In what year were the Alien and Sedition Acts passed? 1798
What did the Alien Act do? It authorized the president to deport any forigner he thought was dangerous
What did the Sedition Act do? It kept people from publicly criticizing the president
Accoring to the Kentucky and Virginia resolutions, what rights did the states have? They had the power to determine if a law was unconstitutional
What did President Adams call 3 French agents who demanded a bribe and a loan for France? X, Y, and Z
What is a precedent? A tradition
Define cabinet. Executive department heads
Define speculator. A person who risks money in hopes to make a profit
Define protective tariff. A tax on imports to help protect American industry
Define neutrality. Not taking any side
Define impressement. Being forced into the armed forces
Define partisan. Favoring one side of an issue
What are implied powers? Powers not expressedly forbidden in the Constitution
Define caucus. A meeting where a party chooses the party's candidates
What does nullify mean? To legally overturn
What two candidates were tied with 73 Electoral votes in the Election of 1800? Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr
Who influenced one Federalist not to vote for Burr thereby breaking the tie? Alexander Hamilton
What did Congress do to prevent another tie between a presidential and vice-presidential candidate? They passed the 12th amendment
What was the name of the home Thomas Jeferson designed? Montichello
What African American went on the expedition with Lewis and Clark? York
What Native American went on the expediton with Lewis and Clark? Sacagawea
Why did many Federalists oppose the Lewis and Clark expididtions? They thought that the new states would be Democratic-Republican, leaving the Federalists powerless in Congress
What type of vehicle was used to transport westward-bound pioneers and thier possesions? Conestoga Wagons
How much did Thomas Jefferson buy the Louisiana Territory for? $15 million
Who demanded tribute from European and U.S. governments for safe passage into the Mediterranean? Tripoli
When president Jefferson refused to pay more tribute, what did the ruler of Tripoli do? Chopped down the American flag: a declaration of war
What did the Embargo Act do? Prohibited trade with all foreign countries
What did the Nonintercourse Act do? Prohibited trade with just Britain and France
What were the names of the Shawnee brothers that created a Native American Confederacy? Tescumeh and Tenkwatawa
Who feared a Native American Alliance with the British and attacked Prophetsown? William Henry Harrison
What battle with the Native Americans occured at Prophetstown? Battle of Tippecanoe
Who pressured the president to declare war against Britain? War Hawks
Who wrote, "The Star Spngled Banner? Francis Scott Key
When did the U.S. declare war? June 18, 1812
What treaty ended the war? Treaty of Ghent
What battle was fought after the war was officially over? Battle of New Orleans
What are customs duties? Taxes on imported goods
What is Lassiez-faire? A "hands off" form of government that lets the people do as they choose without government interference
Who was Zebulon Pike? An explorer who explored the wilderness
What is a frigate? A warship
Created by: muir_852252