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Chapter 4: Civil Rights

Civil war amendments 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments
13th amendment Banned slavery
14th amendment Made slaves citizens. Equal rights to all regardless of race or religion
15th amendment Gave slaves the right to vote
19th amendment Women the right to vote
Dread Scott vs Sanford a slaves right to freedom if their owner lived in a free state.
Missouri vs. Canada University of Missouri was required to allow Lloyd Gains into there all white Law school because they didn't have a black law school for him to attend or would have to build a black law school for him to attend
Sweatt vs Painter University of Texas was required to set up a blacks law school or accept him into their all white school. They set up a black school but it wasn't "equal" to the quality of education provided at University of Texas
Brown vs Board of education girl walked several miles to a black school several miles away when a white school was less than a mile away. Ruling: Separate is unequal. Desegregate with diliberate speed.
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