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Pre Civil War Test

Pre Civil War

Define nullification the refusal of a state to recognize or enforce a federal law.
Define Middle Passage The horrific leg of the journey where slaved were shipped in cargo ships from Africa to America.
Define Racial Slavery The type of slavery that existed in American, where only whites owned blacks.
Define Industrial Revolution A time period in which there was a gradual change where machines took the place of hand tools.
Define Overseer People who were hired by slave owners to make slaves work harder.
Define Underground Railroad A secret network of abolitionists who guided runaways north to safety.
Define Station A place where slaves hid or rested on their journey to freedom.
Define Conductor People who led runaways to freedom
Define Cotton Gin A machine that separated the seeds from cotton.
Abolitionists Reformers who wanted to end slavery.
Triangular Trade The trade route between American, the Caribbean Islands and Africa.
How did the North develop? The North developed with big cities, and the growth of factories.
What were Northerners views on slavery? Abolitionists-felt it was morally wrong Factory owners-supported it in the South Factory workers-thought it would take jobs away from workers
How did the South develop? The South developed with the plantation system with the help of slave labor.
What were Southerners views on slavery? Plantation owners-needed slave labor and felt they were helping slaves who other wise would not be able to care for them selves Poor white farmers-supported slavery because it kept them from the bottom of society and believed they too could own a slave
How did masters and overseers motivate slaves to work? Through violence, threats and bribes.
Why did slave owners not want to educate slaves? They believed that slaves would be too hard to manage.
Define Missouri Compromise Explain the cause and result of the event Missouri-slave state Maine-free state All land north of the 36-30 parallel in the Louisiana Territory would remain free Cause-To keep both the north and south happy Result-It kept country at peace but also created more sectionalism
List the 3 main causes of the Civil War. Slavery, Sectionalism and States Rights
Define Compromise of 1850 and what Explain the cause and result of the event North-CA a free state and end slave trade in Capital South-Slavery decided by popular sovereignty in Mexican cession and Fugitive Slave Act Cause-to keep balance between north and south Result-kept country at peace and strengthened slave laws
Define Nullification Crisis Explain the cause and result of the event Southern states felt they had the right to reject federal laws that they felt were unconstitutional Cause-Congress passed two laws that placed high import taxes on the south Result-South Carolina passed the Nullification Act and threatened to secede
Define Kansas Nebraska Act Explain the cause and result of the event A law passed that allowed popular sovereignty to decide slavery in the Kansas Nebraska territory Cause-to create an established territory so the railroad could be built through the territory Result-Undid the Missouri Compromise and led to bloodshed
Define Dred Scott Case Explain the cause and result of the event A court case that ruled against Dred Scott. He could not sue for his freedom, he was not a citizen Cause-Sued his owner for freedom Result- The Missouri Compromise was illegal
Election of 1860 Explain the cause and result of the event Lincoln who did not want to expand slavery ran against 3 other candidates. Lincoln won because he was the fav. in the north who had the largest pop. Cause-Showed the different views of the country Result-South Angry and seceded
Created by: Mrs.Nicholson