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TN chapter 4

Chapter 4 test on Tennesse

The government had the right to ________ taxes, many of which seemed unjust to the colonists levy
Some of the pioneers wanted to be free of ___________, the cruel use of power by the government. tyranny
A __________, or citizen army, was used to protecet the settlers from attacks by the Native Americans. militia
Much of what now is Middle and West Tennesse was ___________ to the Native Americans by the terms of the Treaty of Paris of 1763. ceded
Some settlers preferred to move to the ___________ just beyond the settled areas. frontier
The settlers of Watauga developed the first ______________ written by free people in America. It set out the basic laws under which they would be governed. constitution
At first, the British wanted the Native Americans to remain ___________ and not take sides during the revolutionary war. neutral
The ____________, the colonists who supported the American Revolution, defeated the British and won the war. patriots
Dragging Canoe resorted to ______________ ____________ to try to drive the settlers away when he could not convince the chiefs to stop selling land to the settlers. guerrilla warfare
Dragging Canoe believed that the Native Americans we being _______________, treated harshly and unjustly, by the settlers. oppressed
The Overmountain men faught _______________ and troops under Colonel Patrick Ferguson at the Bettle of King's Mountian. loyalists
After the French and Indian War, the British controlled all of North America? t or f false
one of the chief objectives of the long hunters was to collect animal pelts. t or f true
the first settlers who came into TN country were mainly from north carolina and georgia. t or f false
the articles of the watauga association represent the first constitution by a free people in america. t or f true
all of the cherokee leaders wholeheartedly supported the treaty of sycamore shoals. t or f false
the sympathies of the settlers in TN country were with the colonists during the Revolutionary War. t or f true
the cherokee, convinced they should take no part, remained neutral during the Revolutionary war. t or f false
TN volunteers played a major role in the victory at King's Mountain. t or f true
the 1783 treaty of paris ended the Revolutionary War with the British recognizing the independence of the American colonies. t or f true
Dragging Canoe tried to settle the disputes between the Native Americans and the settlers peaceably. t or f false
name the over mountain settlements north of the holston carters valley watauga nolichucky
was captured by the cherokee in 1776 but was saved from execution by Nancy Ward Lydia Bean
was an early TN settler who built a cabin on Boone's Creek in the Watauga river area william bean
left his home in the Yadkin valley in north carolina and came to TN as early as 1760 Daniel Boone
opposed the sale of Native Ameican lands to the transylvania land company dragging canoe
was the leader of the british forces at the battle of kings mountian colonel patrik ferguson
organized the transylvania land company richard henderson
favored the sale of Native American lands to the transylvania land company little carpenter
organized a bucket brigade at the fort at watauga, showering attacking native americans with scalding hot water anne robertson
is believed to have the first come to tennessee in 1770 at the side of daniel boone. james robertson
thought of a plan to attack the british forces at Kings mountian (fought against patrick f.) colonel isaac shelby
went with the little carpenter to inspect the goods being offered for native american lands (beloved woman) nancy ward
men who traveled great distances to hunt game long hunters
Created by: MadisonAschen