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CH 6, Sec 3,4,5

what cchanges did Jefferson try to make in the relationship between government and the people? He refused to deliver speeches to Congress because it seemed too "kingly"; reduced taxes and cut the size of the Federal bureaucracy
How did Judicial Revies shape the role of the federal courts? Strengthened & defined the role of the Federal courts by allowing the courts to determine the Constitutionality of Acts of Congress
What effects did the Louisiana Purchase have on National Politics and the National Economy? Jefferson who was a strict constructionalist, broke out of his role by purchasing Foreign lands and Act not outlined by the Constitution and this increased the Nations debt
Why did Jefferson's foreign policy cause him to lose popularity in the United States? His desire to avoid the use of force in foreign policy tled to the passing of the EMBARGO Act of 1807. Americans objected to the embargo and he lost popularity and support
What would the position of Jeffersonian Republicans most likely have bee to take on the principle of Judicial Review? They favored a weaker central gov, stronger state gov & protection of individual rights. They would have felt the Judicial Review gave to much power to the federal gov.
How was the enforcement of the Embargo Act of 1807 like the suppression of the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794? Both were examples of the people disobeying federal law and of the federal gov using force to demand compliance.
What did the Embargo Act of 1807 do? It infringed upon the right of ordinary citizens to make a living through trade. It was not effective because the foreign trade of Britain & France was too strong & diverse to be severely injured.
Who was Little Turtle? Leader of the Miami poeple
Whos was Handsome Lake? A Seneca Indian that wanted to save the Senaca Culture
T/F were both Little Turtle and Handsom Lake in favor of cooperation with the white culture? They just went about it in different ways but both wanted to cooperate
SG 6-3 Jeffersons" First Inaugural Address Goals 1) What did he do? Judicial Act & Louisiana Purchase
SG 6-3 Jeffersons" First Inaugural Address Goals 1) Judiciary Act of 1789 Purpose? Court System
SG 6-3 Jeffersons" First Inaugural Address Goals 1) John Marshall? Chief of Justice
SG 6-3 Jeffersons" First Inaugural Address Goals 1) Marbury v. Madison ? First Un constitional case
SG 6-3 Jeffersons" First Inaugural Address Goals 1) Hamilton-Burr? Hamilton shot Burr
SG 6-3 Jeffersons" First Inaugural Address Goals 1) Chesapeake? Ship attached by British
SG 6-3 Jeffersons" First Inaugural Address Goals 1) Embargo of 1807? No trade with Foreign Country
SG 6-3 Jeffersons" First Inaugural Address Goals 1) Wh2nd Term-Shingy Moment ? Slave Trade Act / NO Pirates
SG Lewis & Clark Why Purchase? For Water Route
SG Lewis & Clark Who Purchase From? France
SG Lewis & Clark Jeffersons's goals? Explore Missouri River, Observe New water routeSG Lewis & Clark Why Purchase?
SG Lewis & Clark Expedition ? Land Expedition
SG Lewis & Clark Sacajawea? Guide
SG Lewis & Clark Missouri River? River was ??? set up
SG Lewis & Clark Ft. Mandan? Sacajawea
SG Lewis & Clark Rocky Mountains-NOW What? Not Water RouteSG Lewis & Clark Why Purchase?
SG Lewis & Clark Ft. Clatsop? Built for ??? winter???
SG Lewis & Clark Columbia River? Last River
SG Lewis & Clark Accomplishments? New animals and places
SG CH 6-4 Why Indian Problems? Taking Lands
SG CH 6-4 Who was in favor of military action? Tecumseh
SG CH 6-4 SG CH 6-4 The Prophet Tecumseh? Indian who cough??? against Americans
SG CH 6-4 WhBattle of Tippacanoe? Prophet attached
SG CH 6-4 WhTreaty of Grenville? 2/3 of Ohio
SG CH 6-4 William Henry Harrison? Governor, Military Leader
SG CH 6-4 Horshoe Bend ? Andrew Jackson defeat Creek Indians
SG CH 6-5 Cause of War? Napolian War ( sepealic??, Embargo, British Institution of Indians, Non IncCastle ACT ????
SG CH 6-5 Washington DC? Burned
SG CH 6-5 Ft. McHenry? National Anthem
SG CH 6-5 Francis Scott Kee? National Anthem
SG CH 6-5 Treaty of Ghent ? Quiz - End of War of 1812
SG CH 6-5 Battle of New Orleans? Quiz - After War of 1812
SG CH 6-5 Andrew Jackson ? President
SG CH 6-5 Panic of 1819? America Had to Pay Britian
SG CH 6-5 Missouri Compromise? Quiz - Slavery 36@ 30@ N Latitude
SG CH 6-5 ? NO - Canada, Naval war, Hartfor Convention
War of 1812 Quiz - Forcing people into military service is called? Impressment
War of 1812 Quiz - Treaty ending the War of 1812? Treaty of Chent
War of 1812 Quiz - Event that took place after the War of 1812 had officially ended Battle of New Orleans
War of 1812 Quiz - Severe Economic Downturn Depression
War of 1812 Quiz - Established 36@ 30@ N Latitude as dividing line between free and slave sates? Missouri Compromise
War of 1812 Quiz - The United State declared war on Great Britain because of? Continued British Harassment
War of 1812 Quiz - During the War of 1812, the British invaded the US and did what? Burned the United States Capital
War of 1812 Quiz -In 1819, the US suffered a financial crisis when what? British banks demanded American banks pay money owed to them
War of 1812 Quiz - Northern states objected to admitting Missouri as a slave state because? It would increase the power of the southern states in the Senate.
War of 1812 Quiz - According to the Missouri Compromise, slavery would be allowed where? In Missouri, but Main would be admitted as a free state
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