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Foy Ch. 16 test

If you were fighting in the Confederate army, what color would your uniform be? grey
To succeed in capturing the Mississippi River, the U.S. Navy needed control of what largest city in the Confederacy? New Orleans
The attack on what Union military post marked the beginning of the Civil War? Fort Sumter
General Lee was certain his troops could win the battle of Gettysburg if they were able to capture what place from the Union forces? Little Round Top
In May of 1863 General Grant surrounded what city and began a siege that would bring an end to Confederate victories in the war? Vicksburg
At the Battle of Pea Ridge, the Confederate army was supported by some 800 of what group of people, who hoped the Confederacy would give them greater freedom? Cherokee Indians
Which was one of the first major battles of the war in the West? Shiloh
This organization sent bandages, medicine, and food to Union army camps? US Sanitary Commission
The Confederate states chose what city as its capital? Richmond
Which side controlled the naval fleet and the sea? Union
Who was the Union general who wanted to divide the Confederacy by gaining control of the Mississippi? Winfield Scott
What army won at Gettysburg? Union
Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri made up what type of state? border type
The Union strategy in the west focused on controlling what river? Mississippi
Union forces from California and Arizona defeated rebel forces at what location in Arizona? Pichaco Pass
The Confederate army never succeeded in its goal of capturing what border state? Missouri
Who commanded the largest of the three groups of Confederate soldiers involved in General Lee’s plan to rush the Union line? George Pickett
In August 1861, which forces from Texas were unsuccessful in their attempt to invade New Mexico at Glorieta Pass? Confederate
Who was the United States president in 1861? Abraham Lincoln
President Lincoln was impressed with what General’s success at Vicksburg? Ulysses S. Grant
On September 2, 1864, much of what Confederate city was destroyed? Atlanta
Most of the nation’s factories were located in what region? North
What General was an important commander in the Union army? (He assembled the Army of the Potomac) George B. McClelland
Conditions for military prisoners captured during the Civil War would BEST be described as what? inhumane
What was the name of the group of northerners who sympathized with the South? Copperheads
What was the idea that Britain would support the South because of its importance to the textile industry? cotton diplomacy
What battle began on July 1, 1863 in southern Pennsylvania? Battle of Gettysburg
What well-known Northerner had four brothers fighting for the Confederacy? Mary Lincoln
Who provided the victory needed to help Lincoln win reelection by destroying southern railroads and industries? William Tecumseh Sherman
What battle ended the North’s hopes of winning the war quickly? First Battle of Bull Run
On his March to the Sea, Sherman practiced what tactic of destroying both civilian and military resources? total war
Union and Confederate leaders met at a home in what small town to discuss the Confederacy’s surrender? Appomattox Courthouse
Who was the daring Union naval leader that was able to capture New Orleans? David Farragut
President Lincoln was unsure of his power to do which of the following? give slaves their freedom
The Confederate Navy built the first ship made of iron, called what? Monitor
President Lincoln greatly appreciated the bold leader he found in what Union general, who preferred to be on the attack? Ulysses S. Grant
Whose volunteer medical efforts formed the basis for what would become the American Red Cross? Clara Barton
The Emancipation Proclamation freed slaves where? Confederate states
President Lincoln delivered a short but moving speech on November 19, 1863, called what? Gettysburg Address
What was the bloodiest single-day battle of the Civil War? Battle of Antietam
Why did Lincoln suspend habeas corpus to jail the enemies of the Union
What was the main reason for the massive casualties inflicted in battle? ancient battlefield formations
What was the importance of the ironclad Monitor's success against the Confederate ironclad Virginia? It saved the Union fleet and continued the blockade.
What was the 54th Massachusetts Infantry celebrated for? their bravery
What did women and men too young or old for military service while the war was waging on? work in factories and on farms
What was special about the new type of warship, called the ironclad? They were heavily armored with iron.
How was the Second Battle of Bull Run similar to the First Battle of Bull Run? The Confederates again forced a Union retreat.
What was an effect of the Union naval blockade on Southern ports? The South was prevented from selling and receiving goods and the economy was hurt.
After the Emancipation Proclamation, what crippled the South's ability to wage war. the loss of slaves
What was the number one killer in the war? disease
Created by: lfoy8290
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