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High Rise Assignment

High-Rise Assignments and Duty Breakdown

Who is Lobby Control? First In Engine Co. - Captain Establish Command, if established already will check-in on breifing.
Who is "ELEVATOR ONE" radio designation? What is his/her role. First Engine FF. Ensures Elevators are in Phase I, Place Elevators Phase II and Delivers keys, surveys and FF phones to crews.
Where does the ELEVATOR ONE deliever the keys, surveys, and FF phones to crews, what floor? 2 Floors BELOW the fire floor.
How does ELEVATOR ONE clear elevators for use at Lobby Level? He/She checks for fire, smoke, or running water by looking in the spcae b/w elvator door and shaft.
Who relay infomation to Lobby and the Fire Attack Group to inform IC of elevator useage? ELEVATOR ONE will relay if elevators are clear of fire, smoke, and running water to Lobby and Fire Attack Groups.
What is the attire and equipment of the ELEVATOR ONE? Full PPE, with radio, focible entry tool,extra air bottle and flashlight.
What is the 2nd FF on first arriving Engine? Access Control
What is the duties of Access Control? Record all units entering/ exiting building and their destinations. DISTRIBUTES FF phones, key sets and surveys.
Who Splits the key sets and who recieves keys? Access Control will split key sets into: Access Keys and Elevator Keys
What groups recieves Access Keys and Who delivers them? ELEVATOR ONE will deliever keys to :Fire Group, Crew Staging, Rescue, RAT
Where do the elevators keys go? Access Control holds the Elevator keys for later use of additional elevators.
How will the keys be returned? When crews that posses the keys are assigned to rehab, the crews will turn in keys to Division Group Officer.
What companies make up the Fire Attack Group? And who will lead this group? 1st Ladder/ 2nd Engine and the 3rd Engine will join them when they arrive. The Officer of 1st Ladder will lead team, until superior officer arrives.
What is the duties of Fire Attack Group besides attack fire? They will survey 2 floors below fire floor for crew staging area and resourse area. They will clear elevators of fire,smoke and running water and relay info. to IC.
What are the assignments of the E/O of the Fire Attack Groups? 1st Ladder- remain with appratus for arial transport of resources and equp. 1st/2nd Engine E/O-Team up for water supply to standpipe/ sprinkler sys. 3rd Engine E/O -report to command post.
What does the Officers of the Fire Attack group carry? Thermal Imager Camera (TIC), 911 Keys, Cell phone,T-Pass Repeater if equipped.
How many feet of hose will be carried up by the Fire Attack Group with what type of nozzle. 100' =(4) 50' bundles of 2 1/2" hose. Bundled w/ tape, velcro or Milwalkee straps. With Smooth Bore Nozzle.
As part of the attack line gear:Stacked Smooth Bore configuation What is the GPMs for 1", 1 1/8",1 1/4" stacked tips? 1" tip flows 200 GPM @ 50psi 1 1/8" tip flows 265 GPM @50psi 1 1/4" tip flows 325 GPM @50psi
Who will bring the attack line gear? 3 rd Engine Company -150' 2 1/2" hose, water thief and pigtail, stacked tip nozzle.
What is the "pigtail" of Water Thief? 8' lenghth of 3" hose (with 2 1/2" couplings) used to extend the connection from the standpipe to valve to the floor.
Fire Attack Group, amoung the 6 FF they will also carry the following equipment? 6' Pike Pole, "Irons" (flathead/halligan) and High-Rise Bag
What 3 Kits are in the High-Rise Bag? 100' Search Line Kit, Tool Kit, and Door Kit.
What is in Tool Kit? 10" Pipe Wrench, (2)Spanners, Slotted Screw Driver, 8" vice grips, 2 1/2" to 1 1/2" Reducer, 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" Expander, 18" Bold Cutters.
What is in Door Kit? (25)Door Straps, (10)Door Wedges, (4)Lighted Door Wedges, and Rabbit Tool
What is in Serch Line Kit? 100' of Search Line
What is the tools/equip. carried by the 1st Ladder Co. crew? "Irons", (2)100' search line kits, Door Kit, 6'pike pole, LARGE Bolt cutters (30" or 36")
When setting up for Fire Attack, the crews will don 60min SCBA, and carry equip in such a manner that... SCBA Cyclinder can be turned on and the regulator should be free for immediate use in case smoke conditions worsen.
Fire Attack crew should observe building for indications of the fire location and path of travel. How will they verify this informaiton? Reports of Operations.
When will the decsion for the Fire Attack group to assemble as a team to go up as group of three or send 1st Ladder/2nd Engine and 3rd engine upon arrival of fire floor? When Access Control FF at the entrance to lobby when they obtain keys, plans and ff phones.
What is High-Rise Recon Worksheet and who fills it out? Lobby Control fills out worksheet regarding fire and rescue priorties, fire location, and alarm panel indications and so on.
Fire Attack group will verify with Lobby Control on elevator and route to fire floor, but will report to IC/Operations with... their location, conditions encountered, actions taken,and resources needed.
Until elevators are not clear of fire, smoke or running water what shall be used? Stairwells.
Its HIGHLY Recommended that if stariwell climb is necessitated that the crew may climb with out... FACE mask in place until smoke conditions necessitates the use of SCBA.
How will FF verifiy that the elevators are free of fire,smoke or water runoff? Shine hand light up the hoist way through the crevice opening made by car doors at least 2 floors below fire floor.
Use the elevator in Phase II in blind hoist way then... Climb stairs for the remainder of the way from 2 floors below the fire.
When can you use Frieght elevators or any cars without Phase II? Only if they have been verified safe for use and are not subject to malfunction b/c of fir, smoke or water exposure.
How often do you check elevator function while going up? Every 5 floors check the hoist way.
What is the ladder crew job during recon of 2 floors below fire floor? Rapidly look for clues of layout of floor, hose cabinet postions, and relative stairwell lcoations. Engine crews are hooking up in the stairwell. They are attempt to determine how many hose lenghths are neede. (three or four)
IC/Operations will determine which stairwells will be use for... Attack and which will be used for evacuations.
Who will search in the stairwell ABOVE the fire floor for evacuees? Fire Attack Group, OR obtain "stairwell Clear" from the RAT crews before entering fire floor during working incidents
When is it acceptable to hook up on or above the fire floor? Its situational, unknown or sizable fire hook up below. IF fire known, fire is small then its ok.
Its critical to clear a stairwell for above the fire floor for of escaping occupants. This function is assigned to... RAT Teams or carried out by Fire Attack Group. Coordination with IC is required.
Stairwells used for Fire Attack should be pressurized using... Gasoline powered fans to maintain the integerity of the stairway.
Who is the RAT (Rapid Ascent Team Group)? Second and Third Ladders
What is the jobs of the 2nd and 3rd Ladder E/O? To stay at apparatus and pressurize stairwells with gasoline powered fans. And available if need of areial operations.
What is RAT Responsibility to occupants? Clear them of FF stairwell, give location if need EMS,Remove incapacitated to safe locaiton until rescue arrives, instruct occupants.
What is RAT resonsibility to stairwell operations? Ensure stairwell doors are UNLOCKED and CLOSED, Determine if stairwell can be ventilated.
WHAT ARE THE RAT TOOLS? Rabbit Tool, Irons, Exta 1 Hr., Lrg. Bolt Cutters, Access Keys, CO montitor.
Besides Officers of Fire Attack Group, who else will distribute T-Pass Repeaters? RAT
What is the role of the first arriving DC? Incident Command
First Arriving Enginge is... Lobby Control Captain- Command until relieved by sup. officer FF-Elveator One FF-Access Control E/O-Est. water supply standpipe
2nd Arriving Engine? Fire Attack Group
1st Arriving Ladder? Fire Attack Group officer on 1st Ladder will lead team.
3rd Arriving Engine? Fire Attack Group, will bring up wye with pigtail if needed.
2nd Arriving Ladder? RAT
3Rd Arriving Ladder? RAT
4th, 5th,6th Arriving Engine? Will be assigned by IC for Crew Staging, RIT,Resource, Lobby Control reienforcement, assigned floor above fire floor, Ventilate, Add.RAT, Fire Attack Reinforce, property conservation
4th Arriving Ladder? Will be assigned by IC for Crew Staging, RIT,Resource, Lobby Control reienforcement, assigned floor above fire floor, Ventilate, Add.RAT, Fire Attack Reinforce, property conservation
E/O of the 4th, 5th,6th Arriving Engine and 4th Arriving Ladder will? Remain with their crews.
What is the rule of thumb for Crew Staging (2 floors below fire floor) For every company engaged on the fire floor at least equal number company est. crew staging.
When is Resouce established? Early stages
Who has the authority to alter or deviate from HR guideline in order to control the incident? Incident Command -will recgonized the special needs of ea. incident and adjust accordingly.
How many Elevator and Access Key sets are in depository box? 5 sets of keys on 5 seperate split key rings.
What color is Building Sprinkler&Standpipe lock backgound on key lable? Blue. Stairway,Door,Roof, and Mechanical/Electrical room WHITE background.
What has a Red Background Key lable color? Elevator Phase Keys
What has an Orange background key lable color? Elelvator Emeg.Stop/Run Switch. and Elevator Car access Panel
What color key lable is Car Emerg. Power Selector switch? Green Background
How many 2 Elevator hoist-way door keys for teh applicable elevators? There are 2.
What is kept in the loose-leaf binder? (5)copies of HFD Survey,Supplemental Info.Sheet,Mobility Impaired List,Elevator Oper.Inst.Elevator Diagream,Emerg. Contact ohone list and (5) sets of floor plans.
What is the primary means of escape for building occupants? Stairwells - They are the only means of access to the fire floors.
In the past, FF were allowed to send unmanned elevators back to the recall floor by turning the Phase II "OFF" as they leave elevator.Do NOT try this unless... The PRE-FIRE plan specifically states that this operation is available.This may cause elevator doors to close and shut down and mechanic will have to reset sys.
It is essential that stairwell doors remain closed, unless... standpipe is used for fire attack.
FF have tendency to leave stairwell doors open at the lobby level, why is it important to keep doors closed? Can effect smoke movement,the open door can have a reverse smoke stack effect.
Fire Code requires that stairwell doors should be unlocked at what level? At every 5th level.
There are 3 basic methods of smoke removal in high rise building...what are they? HVAC-automatic/manual.(preferred) Horizontal-through doors/windows.(second prefferred) Vertical-Stairwell as a chimmney.
What is HVAC and what is the chief concern? Heating Ventalation Air Conditioning.-HVAC chief concern is the spread of smoke to to flors above and below fire floor.
Fire Pumps in older building may rely on Gravity Tanks for pressure, most modern building have system pressure. Because time is of the esscence and there is a high failure rate of FDC and standpipe riser, what is EO to do.. E/O should hook up to the FDC in preparation to pump if nesscesary with a reduntant line laid to seperate FDC.
Only newer buildings require by law to have sprinklers, many older building have been retrofitted. Sprinklers are usually supplied through standpipe risers or have a seperate riser and FDC.In modern buildings where are the sprinkler valves? In the stairwell, but some are in loop system and may require shutting off at 2 differnt locaitons.
There are three classes of Standpipe Systems, What type is intended for FF use only. Type I -(2)2 1/2" outlets with out a hose.
What type of standpipe system is a combo that provides outlets with 1 1/2" reducer? Type III - for FF and civilian use.
What is Type II standpipe System? porvides 1 1/2" outlets with hose and is intended for civilian use only.
Why should FF know if standpipe system is PVR or non-PVR? Pressure Regulating Valve (PVR) if specific information is not know about how much pressure is allowed by PVR then FF should assume a max of 100psi.
What was the PVR madated pressure for 2 1/2" with smooth bore? And what was it for fog nozzle? Smooth 2 1/2" - 65 to 100psi plus 5psi per floor Fog -175psi plus 5 psi per floor.
When PRV pressure is unknown, what is the calaculation assumed... 100 psi plus 6 psi per floor.
When is Tandum pumping nesessary on High-Rise? To pump water above 40 stories (roughly 300psi) a single engine cannot supply the needed pressure. A two engine, tandem pump operation is needed.
Tandum Pumping:One Engine will reverse lay 3" high-pressure hose from the FDC.Second Engine (Supply)will 100' of dual lines at what pressure? 250psi into high-pressure engine.
When High Pressure pump operations (over 250psi) what are the precautions made.... Remove all civilian and FF from a zone of 50' on each side of hoseline, Secure supply line with rope,connect high pressure supply on the opposite side of panel so EO work relatively safe.
How many volts does lighting system in high-rise opertate, that can be potential danger to FF's... 280 Volts. Typically 1 electrial room per floor with 1 or 2 circuits.And when power being cut off may trigger generators, the floor may remain charged when thought power is out.
In the Transformer Vault, electricity is transformed down to a lower voltage and sent to switchgear room, which is main electrical room, near heavy mechanical equipment, although reduced what can the voltage get up to in swichgear room? 13,800 Volts. FF must use caution on sprinklered buildings which this could result in energized water.
What is a Shunt trip device? Kills the power in eleveator hoist just before spinkler opens. This is to protect elevator or FF from energized water.But, this can cause elevator to become dead and that could trap FF or occupants.
Computers are protected by FM-200 gaseous agent, alarms and flashing lights warn FF and occupants before activated, What is the hazardous function of FM-200? FM-200 depletes oxygen, but can also possible re-ignition of fire by introduction oxygen into the room.
When should HMRT HazMat Response Team be called during High-Rise Incident? Many mechanical rooms, chillers and Freon other cylinder, oxygen acetylen tanks, ect. are present in building HMRT should be called.
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