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Moose Natl Govt

National Government Unit

Why did SC favor Hamilton's idea of state debt assumption? SC had a lot of debt due to many battles in the state.
Why did Thomas Jefferson not like the protective tariff? The tariff would cost farmers because they depended on imports.
Why did the Democratic-Republicans not like the national bank? The Constitution did not give the national government that authority.
Why did the Federalists think the protective tariff was an excellent idea? To boost the US economy by encouraging Americans to make goods.
Why did SC begin to support Democratic-Republican ideas? The Federalists policies did not support agriculture.
In the early national period, how did the US respond to the war between the British and French? We remained neutral.
What did the Democratic-Republicans do after the Alien and Sedition Acts were passed? Printed newspaper articles vilifying Adams.
How did Kentucky and Virginia handle the Alien & Sedition Acts? They nullified them.
What was important about the XYZ Affair? It showed the strength of the US and increased conflict between the Federalists and Democratic-Republicans.
Why were the Democratic-Republicans against the Alien and Sedition Acts? It violated the freedom of the press and freedom of speech.
Why was the Embargo Act passed? British followed the policy of impressment.
What did the War Hawks want to do? Declare war on Great Britain.
Who was an important War Hawk from SC? John C Calhoun
What was a major cause of the War of 1812? British attacking American ships, disrupting the shipping industry.
What was an outcome of the War of 1812? The Federalist Party died out.
How did the War of 1812 affect American citizens? They had feelings of nationalism.
Which party supported the national bank? Federalist
Which party wanted the capital moved? Democratic-Republican
Which party opposed high protective tariffs? Democratic-Republican
Which party wanted to assume state's war debts? Federalist
Which party opposed the War of 1812? Federalist
Which party were George Washington and Alexander Hamilton a member of? Federalist
Which party included Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and John C Calhoun as members? Democratic-Republican
Which party believed in strict interpretation of the Constitution? Democratic-Republican
Which party did most people in the Low Country of SC support? Federalist
Created by: camoose
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