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Progressive Study

progressive movement study stack (half)

What was the Progressive Movement belief? government could cure the ills of society
Who created Coco-Cola? John Pemberton
Who bought it from him? Candler
Who bought it from him? Ernest Woodruff
Who made it an international company? Robert Woodruff
What was the original purpose of Coca-Cola? headache remedy
What happened to Leo Frank? he was tried for murder
What happened to Mary Phagan? she was murdered
Who named themselves the Knights of Mary Phagan? the KKK
Where was the KKK reborn? Stone Mountain
Who was a news editor, white supremacist, and governor? Hoke Smith
Who was a governor during the Civil War and also the first Bourbon? Joseph E. Brown
Who was a suffragette, a temperance leader, and the first female senator? Rebecca Latimer Felton
What did Henry Grady start? the New South
What was Grady's plan? to bring industry to GA
What did Grady want the South to be like? the North
What was the Democratic Party? the only party in GA during most of the 1900s
Another name for a slogan rallying cry
What was the aforementioned slogan for the Bourbon Democrats? White Supremacy
Who were the leaders of the Independent Democrats? William and Rebecca Latimer Felton
What did the Feltons do to separate convicts? invented the Juvenile Court system to separate children from adults in prison
Who did the Feltons work against? the Bourbon Triumvirate
What job did the Bourbon Triumvirate have? railroad builders
Who were the members of the Bourbon Triumvirate? Brown, Colquitt, and Gordon
What was another name for the Populists Party? People's Party
Who was the most well-known Populist? Tom Watson
What bill did Watson push? the RFD bill which gave free mail delivery to people living in rural areas
What was the Plessy v Ferguson Supreme Court ruling? separate is equal
What was the 19th Amendment? women's right to vote
What was the 18th Amendment? prohibition of alcohol
What was the 16th Amendment? income tax
What did the Cotton States and International Exhibition do? showcased GA's economic potential
What did the GA Constitution of 1877 take away? GA's ability to borrow money
What did the Constitution of 1877 say about GA's money? GA had to have a balanced budget
What did the CLS do? the convict lease system said businesses had the right t rent convicts to work for their private companies
What were the steps that hindered African Americans from voting? poll tax, literacy test, grandfather clause
Laws passed to protect juveniles from work in mills and factories child labor laws
What movement led by women was for something they didn't have and what was it called? right to vote, suffrage
What was the CUS County Unit system, have least populated areas the most voting power
What happened to the CUS? found unconstitutional in 1962
Created by: Tsarmina