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Gunnels - Ch. 6

Civil War and Reconstruction vocab

border states Slave states that stayed in the Union. (ex. Maryland, Missouri, Delaware, and Kentucky)
casualities soldiers who are killed or wounded.
draft to force someone to serve in the military.
emancipation to set slaves free.
camp a group of temporary shelters, such as tents
home front all the people who are not in the military during war time.
civilian a person not in the military
total war the strategy of destroying an enemy’s resources.
telegraph a machine that sends messages over electrical wires.
desert to leave the army without permission
Reconstruction the period of rebuilding the South after the Civil War.
assassination the murder of an important leader
Freedman's Bureau a government organization that helped poor blacks and whites get medical care, legal advice, education, and jobs.
impeach to charge a government official with a crime.
Created by: calebgunnels