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War on Pacific revie

Nauman American History

Japan is about the size of what state? California
Empire of the Rising Sun Japan
Japanese religion Shintoism
Death march Bataan
American volunteer group who China hired Flying Tigers
Chinese leader Chain-Kai-shek
He took over after McArthur and was captured by Japanese General Wainwright
McArthur escaped in a sub to what country Australia
Only plane to ship battle in history Battle of Coral Sea
Turning point in war in South Pacific Midway
Great vacation site according to Japan Australia
First land defeat Guadalcanal
Taking over islands one by one Island hopping
Last 2 islands taken Iwo Jima and Okinawa
Navy construction workers Seabees
Navy construction workers motto "can do"
Means "divine wind" Kamikaze
What Japanese suicide bombers called themselves Wild Eagles
They believed in reincarnation 7 times Samurai
1100 miles-important to keep open for US to supply China Burma rd
Japanese hid in these 3 places Caves, tunnels, pill boxes
Highest ranked officer killed in WWII General Simon Buckner
Scientist who made atomic bomb Oppenheimer
Famous b-17 bomber Memphis Belle
2 inventions that came from WW2 Velcro and ball point pen
Test site for the bombs Trinity
Name for uranium bomb unarmed at take-off Little Boy
Plutonium bomb armed at take-off Fat Man
Ship that carried first bomb USS Indianapolis
1st pilot of the atomic bomb Paul W. Tibbets
The plane that dropped the first atomic bomb Enola Gray
Plane to drop the second atomic bomb Bocks Car
The ship where the surrender took place USS Missouri
The main Tokyo Rose who sold her story to COSMO for $2,000 dollars, she was the 1st women to be convicted of treason Iva Toguri
1. Most devastating war in world history 2. Greater involvement of civilians Ushered in atomic change Left power vacuums that the communist filled Significance of World War 2
1. General Assembly 2. Security ` United Nations
US, Great Britain , France, USSR, China Big 5 Council
J Edgar Hoover was director for 48 years FBI
LA- Mexicans who took pride in clothes vs. 50,000 sailors- Hank Labous was accused of murder, got life, 13 pennies in neckscarf Zoot Suit Riot
1st black riots to fight in war, flew 1,578 missions Tuskegee Airman
Short missions Sorties
First black general Benjamin O Davis
Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin Yalta Conference
2 islands that we were planning to take in regards to the invasion Honshu and Kyushu
Tuskegee Airman had help from Eleanor Roosevelt, the started as the 99th and changed too.... (66 died in the war) 332nd
Country that agreed to pay US volunteers $600 a month, with a $500 bonus for every plane shot down China
Island halfway between Hawaii and Guam Wake
_____ was a free way to torture during the war Sun
Had 55 subs, lost 52 of the subs and lost 3,500 men United States
Memphis Belle and average bomber crew size was ?? 10
The last island we took on the South Pacific Okinawa
Country that occupied Japan for 6 years after the war United States
Emperor of Japan Hirohito
Judge in the Nuremburg trials Jackson
When the flank stops what happens? the fighters are coming
Mini sub Puffer
City in China, Singapore was the only other city on the map Hong Kong
Pardoned by Gerald Ford Iva Toguri
2nd bomb that missed by three miles Fat Man
1st bomb Thin Man or Little Boy
how many African Americans were unemployed 2/3
Said, "I shall return" when he left the Philippines McArthur
Island with two flags, 2nd one was in the picture Iwo Jima
The amount of sorties in the war 3,553
Bombs exploded ______ ft. off the ground 1,850
Where Big Gun was Mt. Surabaci
Code name for first bomb project Manhattan Project
Spy for Russians working on US bomb Klaus Fuchs
UN headquarters New York City
had pressurized cabin (one that carried the bombs) New B-29s
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