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Civil War people

People who shaped the Civil War

Abraham Lincoln 1861-1865 16th President.
McClellan Fired by Lincoln in the battle of Antietam and runs against Lincoln for re-election in 1864.
Andrew Johnson 1864- vice President 1865-1869 President. Establishes a lenient Reconstruction Act while congress is out of session (does not protect blacks, 14th Amendment is over ridden). March 5, 1868 impeachment proceedings begin. shy 1 vote.
Tenure of Office Act 1867 March 3, Strips presidency of power. No longer commander in chief, and cannot fire cabinet.
Ulysses S. Grant 1869-1877 President. Reconstruction act of 1867, Enforcement Acts (3) 1870-871, Fourteenth Amendment 1868, Fifteenth Amendment 1879
Reconstruction 1865-1869 Andrew Johnson, 1869-1873 Grant
Black Friday Scandal 1869-1873 Bankers courting Grants daughter nearly bankrupt the country and end reconstruction
Whiskey Ring NY Tweed ring controlled by Democrats stole 10s of millions
Radical Republicans 1854-1877 faction of republicans. Civil Rights Act of 1866 leads to 14th amendment, Reconstruction Act of 1867, Tenure of Office 1867, 13th Amendment 1865, 14th amendment 1868, 15th amendment 1870, built 6000 schools, failed to protect sharecroppers
Civil Rights Act of 1866 1866 leads to 14th amendment
14th Amendment 1868 Guarantees federal protection of citizenship and equal rights under the law (used words similar to Civil Rights Bill of 1866)
13th Amendment 1865 Ends Slavery
15th Amendment 1870 Prohibits voting restrictions based on race, color, or previous condition of servitude.
Freedman Bureau 1865-1872 establish during the Lincoln Administration to aid former slaves through food and housing, oversight, education (6000 Schools), health care, and employment contracts with private landowners.
Reconstruction Act of 1867 Places south under martial Law. Brings all states back into the union.
Enforcement Acts 1870-1871 Three acts to end the attacks on blacks in the south. Outlawed terrorist organizations like the KKK, and allowed the president to use the army to defend them.