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Buchman Ch 14-16


Russia’s fishing industry is important to the economy despite _________ waterways. Polluted
The Kamchatka Peninsula has more than 100 ______. volcanoes
The Amur River forms part of the border between Russia and _________. China
The Volga River connects Moscow with which body of water? Caspian Sea
Russia has huge reserves of ________ resources. Mineral
The tundra climate region has an annual temperature below _____ _____. 32 Degrees
What is the Black Earth Belt? An area of rich soil whose farms feed most of Russia
What climate dominates Russia? Subarctic
About three quarters of the Russian people live on the ______ _______ ______. North European Plain
Russian coasts lie along the Pacific Ocean, _______ ocean, ______ sea, ________ sea, and ______ sea. Arctic, Black, Black, Baltic
The Volga River and its tributaries connect Moscow to the _____ sea. Caspian
When attacking Russia in 1941, Germany expected a quick victory, but was defeated in part by the Russian ________. Winter
The chernozem soil in the steppe region is filled with _____ and _____. Algae, mosses
Russia has few ocean ports that are free from _____ _____ _____. ice year round
The Caspian Sea is a _______ lake. saltwater
Russia spans _____ continents and ______ timezones. Yes, it's vast! two, eleven
Russia is so cold that cars must be made of a special _____ that will not _____. steel, crack
The rivers in Siberia tend to flow north and are _______ at the source than at the mouth. warmer
Russia's ________ is the world’s largest coniferous forest. Taiga
The Volga-Don canal connects Moscow to the Sea of ______ and the ______ sea. Azov, Black
Russia’s historical roots date back to the _____'s A.D. 600
The second largest religion in Russia today is ________. Islam (Muslims)
During the late 1700’s, the Russian nobility spoke _______ and adopted other western European ways. French
Ethnic _______ make up 80% of Russia’s population. Russians
The uneven distribution of population in Russia is due to the __________ ___________. Physical Environment
As believers in communism, Bolsheviks wanted a new society led by _________. Workers
What was Kievan Rus? A union of city states organized by Scandinavian warriors.
The Russian ________ in 1917 established a representative government, but the revolution continued. Revolution
After the fall of the Soviet Union, ethnic conflicts and separatist movements threatened ________. Stability
Today Russia’s literacy rate is nearly ___% 100
Ethnic Russians are part of a larger group called _______. Slavs
Where do about 75% of Russians live? Between the Ural Mts. & Belarus and Ukraine
What man ideas was communism based on? The writings of Karl Marx
The first crowned czar was ______ ______ _______ ____. In 1553. Ivan the Terrible IV
Catherine the Great gained a long-sought warm-water port in the _____ sea. Black
After the Soviet breakup, many people returned to practice their _______. Religion
80% of Russians speak _______ as their first language. Russian
What is the religion of most Caucasian people? Christianity
The Turkic peoples form the _______-largest family of ethnic groups in Russia. Second
Moscow was settled after the Mongols overran Kiev and forced the ______ to leave. Slavs
Russia depends primarily on what means of transportation? Railroads and Waterways
Russia’s air, water, and soil were damaged by Soviet disregard for the effects of __________. Industrialization
Most workers cannot afford to pay for goods on the high-priced ______ market. Black
Which lake holds 1/5 of the world’s fresh water? Lake Baikal
Under the Soviet Union, the government controlled all forms of ____________. Communication
Why is public transportation important in Russia? Most live in the city and do not own autos
Russians today can choose among ______ journals and newspapers to get different views of their government. 10,000
Russian farmland has been damaged by _________ & _________. fertilizer, pesticide
In Russia, what is the primary way of shipping crude oil? Pipelines
Who are Russia’s major trading partners? Japan, The European Union, and The Unites States
The Volga Valley is the center of major ___________ & ________. Manufacturing, Industry
In Siberia, roads are often impassable during the _________. Winter
What is Russia doing to manage its forests? Replanting , conserving, and private investment
In a market economy items are sold for as much as the buyer will _____. Pay
The Soviet government made heavy industry a major ________. Priority
Without price controls during the 1990’s in Russia, prices ______ on many goods and services. Soared
When Vladimir Putin became president Of Russia, the country needed to improve what? money, a stronger bank system , and to improve the military
The black market in Russia is an illegal trade in scarce or illegal _______. Goods
Boris Yeltsin expanded whose plan toward a market economy? Gorbachev's
What is the Trans-Siberian Railroad? The World's Longest Railroad Line.
Created by: jmmonette
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