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USHistoryA-The Alamo

test prep

1844 Whig presidential candidate Henry Clay
A major issue of the 1844 election Slavery
States won in the Mexican War California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming
Walker Tariff permitted tea and coffee to enter the country without tax
Texas declares independence in this year 1836
Who heads the Texas army Sam Houston
First president of Lone Star Republic Sam Houston
1845- Two states enter as what Texas and Florida enter as slave states
Santa Fe trail Trade trail that goes from Independence, Missouri, ended in Santa Fe, Mexico
Methodist missionaries travel where and do what Oregon trail, convert Native Americans
Oregon attracted settlers which lead to what regarding GB Border dispuit
Who founded the church of the latter day saints (mormons) Joseph Smith
Smith runs for president in 1844 and the americans react like object to polygamy
What is Smith's fate? Imprisoned for starting a riot and murdered by a mob
Created by: lieren13e