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WGU Interest Groups

Chapter 13 The Role of Interest Groups

Interest groups are organized around which of the following? sets of issues
If the Democrats and the Republicans are the opposing teams (metaphorically speaking), interest groups are which of the following? the fans
Interest groups resemble all of the following EXCEPT: congressional caucuses
Groups concerned with private interests may include which of the following? labor associations
Which of the following would be an example of a public interest group? the NAACP
Which of the following interest groups fought to keep health care reform legislation alive? the AFL-CIO
AFL-CIO, which represents numerous labor organizations, pressed Congress to include a government-run health insurance plan in the legislation (also known as the public option)
Which of the following would be considered the PRIMARY means by which interest groups attempt to influence policy directly? lobbying
According to the text, what is the primary function of lobbyists? providing current information to lawmakers
Effective lobbying results in which of the following? mutually beneficial relationships
Tracy works for AAUW, a group that advocates in which of the following policy areas? Members of AAUW (the American Association of University Women) care about issues of equity in education.
How do lobbyists influence the judicial process? filing amicus curiae briefs, maintaining legal defense funds, pressuring Congress over judicial appointments, and providing information to the Supreme Court.
How might lobbyists influence Senate consideration of presidential nominations to the Supreme Court? by providing background information on the nominees
How does lobbyists' scorekeeping help voters? It helps them establish which candidates align with them on particular issues.
What are 527 organizations allowed to do? participate in issue advocacy
Interest group money generally does which of the following? backs ideologically aligned candidates
527 organizations established by individuals or private groups with the aim of raising money to contribute to candidate for elective office
Grassroots lobbying includes all of the following EXCEPT: sending advocates to Washington
Interest groups that observe and report on governmental activities are known as what? watchdogs
Approximately how many lobbyists are currently registered in Washington, DC? 30,000
According to the text, what is the main obstacle preventing the formation of interest groups? overcoming the collective action problem
Interest groups would not exist if every person based their political decisions on which of the following? the ease of free riding
Solidary benefits of joining an interest group would include which of the following? networking
Which of the following does the Automobile Association of America provide to its members? material benefits
How can an interest group address the problem of free-riding? requiring membership, providing benefits to members, establishing a sense of community, and offering selective benefits to members,
In which of the following scenarios would an interest group be most likely to form? when the government threatens to limit corporate tax breaks
Which of the following BEST describes Cesar Chavez? an interest group entrepreneur
What percentage of today's lobbyists represent private interests? 90
Which of the following organizations spent the most on lobbying between 1998 and 2009? the U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Which of the following statements accurately describes the relationship between economic class and interest groups? Blue-collar workers and those with lower education levels are less likely to belong to interest groups.
What does James Madison identify as the most prevalent cause of interest groups (or "factions")? the unequal distribution of property
Which of the following would be considered a disadvantage of having interest groups in society? Interest groups overemphasize minority interests.
Close relationships between interest groups and lawmakers would likely result in which of the following? less governmental transparency
What are the three incentives at the heart of lobbying? to do well, to do good, and to have fun
What are the three "freedoms" that Loomis quotes to illustrate that lobbying is protected by the Constitution? freedom of speech, freedom of rights, freedom of association
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