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The Frontier


Comstock Lode 1859, Prospectors in Nevada discovered gold near the CArson River Valley. This fabulously rich vein brought in about $340 million worth of gold and siliver between 1860 and 1890
Homestead Act 1862 This act gave 160 acres of Free public land to any settler who would live on them
Morrill Act 1862 As part of the Republican wartime legislation, this law gave generous grants of public lands to each state. At that time, 30,000 acres per member of congress was granted. 90% of this land was to be used as an endowment for colleges and universities
Chivington Massacre 1864 colonel J.M. Chivington's milita massacred 500 indians in cold blood at sand creek, Colorado, The indians were shot for sport.
Washita River, Black Kettle 1869 Major George A. Custer and his troops surrounded Chief Black Kettle's tribe at Washita River where they opened fire and killed 200 indians
Indian Approproations Act 1871 This act gave the indians tribal ownership of reservation lands.
Joseph Glidden in 1874, Gilden developed a superior type of barbed wire that gave the farmer greater protection against wandering cattle.
George A. Custer, Little Big horn 1876 in the sioux war of 1876-77, 2500 well armed indian warriors chased Liutenant-Colonel custer to the Little big horn River in Montana . there the indians wiped out 264 officers and men
Helen H. JAckson A massachisets writer of childrens literature. In 1881, she published her book, A century of disgonor, which told about the U.S. government's ruthlessness in dealing with the indians.
Chief joseph, Nez Perce Nez PErce were indians of idaho led by chief Joseph,retreated 1500 miles to canada when gold hungary whites trespassed on their land. The indians surrendered 30 miles from the canadian border because if a harsh winter and the forcefull persuasion
Dawes Severality Act 1887 An attempt to assimilate the Indians into american society , this act divided the tribal lands among all indians each receiving a portion of farmland
Hatch Act 1887 this created experimental agriculture stations that made farming more scientific and increased crop yield
Sooners and Boomers April 22, 1889, Oklahoma was opened for the last greast run for free land . Boomers staked oit their claims on the soecified dau whil sooners cheated by staking out their claims the night before.
Ghost dance movement The plight of the sioux caused them to become desparate . They turnd to Wovaka for help, and he promised to restore the Sioux'x dominance on the plains if they performed the Ghost dance. This movement spread and caused white people to become alarmed.
Wounded knee 1890 After the death of sitting bull in 1890, the cavalry attempted to round up 350 starving indians of the ghost dance cult an Wounded Knee, S.S. When an indian fired a shot, the Cavalry retaliated by killing all of the indians
Frederick J. Turner He wrote an essay on the West called " The significance of the Fronteir on American History," in which he outlined the significance of the frontier. This volume included Turners Safety Value theory
Safety Calue Theory This theory states that when hard times hit, the unemploye moved west, took up farming and became prosperous. With the close of the fronteir the less fortunate had no place to start a new life, thus leading to urban overcrowding and inner city problems.
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