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WGU Voting

Chapter 10 Voting and Political Participation

Which of the following political systems comes closest to that of a true democracy? ancient Greece
Which of the following would be considered a form of conventional political participation? voting
The civil rights movement used which of the following? unconventional forms of political participation, which included sit-ins, Freedom Rides, and marches
Which of the following resulted in legislative policy change? civil rights activism
In which of the following forms of protest would Americans be most likely to participate? signing petitions
In which of the following would Americans be LEAST likely to participate? working for a party or candidate
When might people be less likely to participate in the political process? working for a party or candidate
What percentage of Americans typically talk to others about their choice of candidates in upcoming elections? limited time to participate, a lack of resources, no interest in participation, and no one to recruit them.
What percentage of Americans typically talk to others about their choice of candidates in upcoming elections? 50
Which of the following considerations tend to diminish differences in voter turnout due to race? socioeconomic factors
Which group reported the lowest voter registration and turnout in 2008? Asians
Younger voters are more likely to take part in which of the following? protests
Who are intermittent voters? Americans who are registered to vote but do not always make it to the polls.
Why do intermittent voters have the greatest impact on elections? Whether or not they actually go to the polls can determine the outcome of an election.
What explanations discussed in the study account for the voting behavior of intermittent voters? Intermittent voters are bored with AND uninformed about politics.
What differences help to explain the voting patterns of regular voters and intermittent voters? Intermittent voters are more mistrustful of people, less angry with government, and less likely to be married than regular voters.
According to the study, what percentage of the eligible adult population are regular voters? 35
Intermittent voters constitute what percentage of the eligible voting population? 20
Which two critical characteristics are shared by both intermittent voters and regular voters? Both intermittent voters and regular voters feel guilt over not voting and are less likely to believe that voting doesn't change anything.
What can influence the party identifications held by Americans? parents, schools, churches, and synagogues (and other places of worship).
Which of the following is an accurate statement about the strength of partisan loyalty? Only major events or issues cause voters to reevaluate their partisan loyalties.
In 2010, what percentage of voters identified themselves as pure independents? 16
In prospective voting, which of the following would MOST likely be taken into consideration? campaign promises
Why did the McCain campaign select Sarah Palin as the Republican vice-presidential candidate in 2008? order to appeal to more voters, to balance the ticket, to represent a "Washington outsider," and to reach out to female voters
According to the text, what personal characteristics of presidents like Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy helped them to connect with American voters? both their speechmaking abilities AND their leadership qualities
What does the Consumer Confidence Index use to predict presidential election results? voters' views on the economy
Voter support for incumbents is strongly related to which of the following? financial security
Which of the following BEST describes voter turnout trends since the 1960s? There has been decreased turnout in both presidential and congressional elections.
According to political scientist Robert Putnam, how did the political environment of the 1950s and 1960s differ from that of the present? Social capital and civic engagement were higher than they are today.
Distrust in government likely resulted from which of the following? civil rights movement, Watergate, the Vietnam War, and the general social and cultural turmoil of the 1960s and '70s.
Which of the following countries had the lowest voter turnout between 1960 and 2000? the United States
In what ways is the United States attempting to make it easier for people to participate in elections? offering convenience voting
The National Voter Registration Act does which of the following? lets citizens register to vote when applying for a driver's license
In which of the following ways does the electoral system in the U.S. affect voter turnout? both ballot length AND frequency of participation
Single-member districts contribute to which of the following? voters' resistance to "wasting" votes
What might supporters of mandatory voting argue? Voting is a civic duty.
Which of the following might be considered a disadvantage of mandatory voting? Uninformed voters could skew election results.
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