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WGU Judiciary

Chapter 8

What is the minimum number of Supreme Court justices that have served at any one time? 6
The Judiciary Act did which of the following? created a three-tiered federal court structure
Which of the following statements accurately describes the Supreme Court's early history? The Supreme Court met in a variety of places.
The Supreme Court is the court of highest authority in the federal judiciary. What two types of lower courts complete the basic structure of the federal court system? trial courts and appellate courts
Which of the following describes a role of the Supreme Court? resolve disputes among the lower federal courts
How many circuit courts of appeals make up the U.S. Courts of Appeals? There are 12 regional circuit courts of appeals and one U.S. Court of Appeals for the federal circuit.
How many judicial districts comprise the U.S. District Courts? 94
Which states make up the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals? Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi
Which of the following would fall into the appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court? a decision made in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit
What does the Supreme Court consider when hearing a case on appeal? application of the law
Which of the following hears the most cases per year? the state trial courts
By what means was the Supreme Court's power first significantly increased? Marbury v. Madison
Judicial review allows the Supreme Court to do all EXCEPT which of the following? overturn presidential vetoes
Which of the following allows Congress to check the power of the Supreme Court? the power to amend
The Supreme Court's powers are limited in which of the following ways? It cannot choose which cases enter the judicial system AND it cannot implement its own decisions.
According to the text, when did the Supreme Court face particular difficulty in enforcing its rulings? desegregation
What percentage of cases submitted does the Supreme Court actually hear? less than 1 percent
In order for a case to reach the Supreme Court, it needs to meet which of the following criteria? The parties must be able to prove personal or economic injury.
What is the first step a case on appeal goes through in its journey to the Supreme Court? A petition for a writ of certiorari is filed.
What happens during the oral argument stage of cases heard before the Supreme Court? Justices ask questions not answered in the briefs.
The chief justice possesses influence over cases heard by the Supreme Court in which of the following capacities? He can act as a tiebreaker.
When might a Supreme Court justice write a concurring opinion? when the justice disagrees with the Court's reasoning
Who is permitted to submit amicus curiae briefs to the Supreme Court? both interest groups AND the solicitor general
Which of the following might a president consider when taking into account a commitment to diversity in selecting a Supreme Court nominee? religious affiliation
How can a judge be removed from office? through impeachment by the House and conviction by the Senate
If every spot were vacant, approximately how many opportunities to appoint federal judges could a president have? more than 800
The legislature can influence the judicial nomination process through which of the following means? Senatorial courtesy, Senate confirmation, impeachment, and Senate Judiciary Committee approval
Senatorial courtesy is BEST described as which of the following? presidential consultation with the senators from a federal district court nominee's home state
What is the third step to filling a Supreme Court vacancy? The Senate Judiciary Committee holds hearings.
The current Supreme Court justices are primarily of which of the following religious affiliations? Catholic
According to the text, why did Judge Robert Bork receive such severe treatment during Senate confirmation proceedings? the likelihood of the Court overturning Roe v. Wade
President Barack Obama replaced which of the following Supreme Court justices? both David Souter AND John Paul Stevens
Justice Ginsburg's opinion in U.S. v. Virginia reflected which of the following? her commitment to gender equality
Who equated cross burning with terrorism in Virginia v. Black? Justice Thomas
Proponents of judicial restraint would tend to have which of the following characteristics? respect for the roles of the other branches of government
Alexander Hamilton argued that the judicial branch had which of the following powers? judgment
The anti-Federalists would have supported which of the following? judicial restraint
What is political ideology? beliefs on the scope and function of government
The decisions issued in District of Columbia v. Heller reflect which of the following? The majority opinion reflected a literal interpretation of the Second Amendment
The Supreme Court appears to be susceptible to which of the following? cultural change, amicus curiae briefs, public opinion, and political context generally.
What did the Supreme Court's decision in Lawrence v. Texas reflect? a tendency for the Court's position to follow cultural shifts regarding sexual orientation
Jim Crow laws were upheld by the Supreme Court for how long? 60 years
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