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WGU Bureaucracy

Chapter 7

Which of the following is responsible for enacting laws? the executive branch
The executive branch contains which of the following? The vice president, the cabinet, the president, and the federal bureaucracy
A bureaucracy has which of the following characteristics? It reflects a division of labor
The use of paperwork in a bureaucracy lends itself to which of the following? standardization
A worker at the upper end of a bureaucratic hierarchy would probably be which of the following? a person of greater authority
How many entities make up the Executive Office of the President? 13
What is an independent agency? an organization set up by Congress
The Federal Reserve System is which of the following? an independent regulatory commission
Executive departments generally correspond to which of the following? Congressional committees
The Department of Agriculture may be considered which of the following? clientele-oriented
An issue network is made up of all EXCEPT which of the following? the president
What distinguishes an iron triangle from an issue network? An iron triangle tends to be more powerful than an issue network.
Which of the following serves narrow rather than general interests? the Department of Agriculture
At which point in time did the federal bureaucracy first significantly increase in size? the election of President Andrew Jackson
The spoils system had which of the following effects? the expansion of the federal bureaucracy
Which of the following issues were brought to national attention during the Progressive Era? Land conservation, government corruption, wealth disparities, and voting rights
The Pendleton Act did which of the following? required federal employees to be hired based on merit
The Progressive Era can be regarded as a reaction to which of the following? the Industrial Revolution and its effects
The campaign promises of which of the following resulted in an expansion of the federal bureaucracy? both Andrew Jackson AND Franklin Roosevelt.
According to the text, what has come to be viewed as the moment when the federal bureaucracy became a crucial provider of social services? the passage of the Social Security Act of 1935
After World War II ended, what happened to the federal bureaucracy? President Truman made efforts to streamline it.
The goals of the Great Society initiative most closely resembled those of which of the following? the New Deal
Which of the following measures were efforts related to the Great Society? educational aid, urban revitalization, health care, and environmental protection
Which of the following BEST describes President Reagan's efforts to shrink the government? hindered by a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives
The Reagan Revolution may be seen as a reaction to which of the following? ineffective Great Society programs
Which of the following reflects the most important expansion of bureaucracy since the Great Society era? establishment of the Department of Homeland Security
Which executive department has the biggest budget? The Department of Defense
Which department employs the smallest number of people? Education
Which of the following is the primary source of the power of discretion given to bureaucrats? Congress
For a bureaucrat, which of the following would allow for a maximal amount of discretion in interpretation? vaguely worded legislation
Regulatory decisions made by bureaucrats can be affected by which of the following? Available information, stakeholder influence, issue networks, and agency mission
Which of the following statements regarding bureaucratic oversight is MOST accurate? Congressional concern for oversight is strongly rooted in reelection prospects.
What is the primary means by which the president checks the power of the bureaucracy? the power of appointments
A desire to reform the federal bureaucracy is often expressed by which of the following? The American public, Republican presidential candidates, and Democratic presidential candidates
Which of the following reflect common suggestions as to how the federal bureaucracy should be reformed? more efficient, more effective, more economical, and by using fewer taxpayer dollars
According to a 2007 poll, Americans most favored cutting which of the following programs? space
Which of the following accurately describes the program termination efforts of the Republican-controlled 104th Congress? Efforts focused on two fairly small agencies.
Devolution entails which of the following? delegating power to state and local governments
Devolution efforts such as welfare reform have resulted in which of the following? better services in some states, poorer services in some states, state-level experiments, and varying levels of available assistance.
The move to privatization has engendered which of the following concerns? both oversight AND government accountability
The use of security contractors in Iraq represents an example of which of the following? privatization
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