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Road to Revolution12

For Quiz 2/21/2013

The second continental congress appointed five men to create and draft the document June 11, 1776
Who were the five men appointed to draft? Thomas Jefferson John Adams Benjamin Franklin Robert Livington Roger Sherman
Who was the author of the document? Thomas Jefferson
Where was Thomas Jefferson representing? Virginia
Where was John Adams representing? Massachusetts
Wjere was BEnjamin Franklin from? Pennsylvania, he wasn't representing though, he was invited, because he was well respected.
Where was Robert Livington representing? New York
Where was Roger Sherman representing? Connecticut
What is the Deckaration of Independence called? "A Declaration by the Representatives of the United States of America, in General Congress assembled
What happened on July 2, 1776? Congress had voted to declare independence
What happen on July 4, 1776? Congress voted to accept the final draft of the document.
How many parts are in the Declaration of Independence? 5
What are the 5 main parts The Opening Sentence Preamble Charges against King George Disappointment Declaring of Independence
What was the opening sentence about? Why the document was written
What was the preamble about? The rights all people should have
What were teh Charges against king George about? What the king did that wasn't fair to the colonies
What was the disappointment about? King George did not realign with colonists.
What was declaring of independence about? There are conditions that exist where people must charge their government
Why was the preamble considered important? Makes claims towards what rights people have and what rights people deserve.
How many colonies went to the first continetal congress? 12
Who didn't go? Georgia
Why was that? They were still considered a convict state
Why was George Washington appointed Commander in Chief of the army? Train soldier Experianced soldier in French and Indianian War He was from Virginia and thought voting for him would bring the south more into the war
What was the purpose of the second Continental congress? Ask all 13 colonies to give soldiers and supplies Ask the French for help George Washington was appointed commander in chief Write the document
Created by: marissa236