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WGU Constitution

Chapter 1

The origins of representative democracy can be traced to ancient Rome
Who benefited from the Magna Carta? the English nobility
Which of the following was guaranteed in the English Bill of Rights? freedom from taxation without representation
Whose ideas about government greatly influenced the men who drafted the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution? John Locke
What was the colonists’ primary complaint about the rule of the British Crown? They were subject to heavy taxes from the British Crown
Which of the following was a component of the Coercive Acts? Establishment of martial law, the requirement for the colonists to quarter British soldiers, the closure of the port of Boston, and the dissolution of the Massachusetts legislature
Which event directly resulted from the Coercive Acts? the meeting of the First Continental Congress
Which section of the Declaration of Independence contains arguments on the right to revolution? the second section, based on Lockean philosophy
Who was given the primary responsibility for drafting the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
What were the main ideas expressed in the Declaration of Independence? individual liberties and the government’s duty to protect them
The Articles of Confederation specified that the United States would be which form of government? a republic
What concerned the Founders in drafting the Articles of Confederation? Mob rule, arbitrary monarchical power, large territory size, and the ability of the people to check government power
Which of the following was NOT a component of the Articles of Confederation? a bicameral legislature
What led the Founders to realize that the Articles of Confederation needed to be reconfigured? Crises like Shays' Rebellion, the inability of the national government to control financial concerns and raise taxes, the disproportionate power held by the states, and the vulnerability of the new nation due to the lack of an executive
As the Constitution was being drafted, who was most in support of equal representation in the national legislature? small states, such as Rhode Island
Which of the following plans for representation was incorporated into the Connecticut Compromise? Each state would be proportionally represented in one house of a bicameral legislature.
What was Shays' Rebellion? a rebellion by farmers in western Massachusetts attempting to prevent their lands from being foreclosed upon
The Constitution was ratified in the year 1788
The Bill of Rights was ratified in the year 1791
How many terms did George Washington serve as president before leaving office? 2
Marbury v. Madison confirmed the Supreme Court's power to declare laws passed by Congress unconstitutional. What did the case involve? a disputed appointment to a minor government post
Debates at the Constitutional Convention surrounding the executive branch included which of the following? BOTH how many executives and how to elect the executive
The Constitution differed from the Articles of Confederation in that it gave Congress the power to establish a national court system
What did it take for Virginia and New York to finally agree to ratify the Constitution? a promise to amend the document to clarify the limits on national government power
Which of the following does the Federal Farmer admit? The federal system is defective AND some of the state governments are poorly administered.
The current government is described as which of the following? 13 republics
According to the Federal Farmer, which of the following would suffer under the new government? the remote states
According to the Federal Farmer, the laws of free government rest on the confidence of whom? the people
The rights of the people are derived from what common source? the British systems
What does the Federal Farmer want to see included in the new Constitution? a federal bill of rights
What group supported the ratification of the Constitution? Federalists
A fundamental principle underlying the Constitution is that of indirect representation, or republicanism
Madison The different governments will control each other, at the same time that each will be controlled by itself." This "double security" would protect the people and balance the political system.
The four fundamental principles of federalism, republicanism, the separation of powers, and checks and balances grew out of the historical experience and philosophical understanding of the Framers.
Why did the Framers choose a republican form of government when drafting the Constitution? They wanted both to ensure that the people would be represented AND to limit the potential power of factions.
The principle of the separation of powers was PRIMARILY intended to do which of the following? limit the power of the central government
The Framers divided power between which three branches of government? the executive, the legislature, and the judiciary
Which of the four principles outlined in the Constitution has been a subject of ongoing debate? federalism
How does the U.S. Constitution differ from many state constitutions? The U.S. Constitution has only seven articles AND a much more rigorous amendment process.
What is the first stage of the amendment process for the U.S. Constitution? proposal by two-thirds of both houses of Congress or by a national convention
How many states had to ratify the Constitution for it become the law of the land? 9
Who has the power to set up the inferior courts? the Supreme Court
The executive power of the government is vested in: a president
Who is the President of the Senate? the Vice President of the United States
What are the three major sections of the Constitution, according to the text? the preamble, the branches of government, and the state and national governments
Articles I through III establish the structure for which of the following? branches of the national government
Article III gives Congress power over the judicial branch in which of the following ways? both choice as to the number of justices on the Supreme Court AND the power to create lower federal courts
Why does the text describe the amendment process as a decision tree? The amendment process is comprised of a series of decisions made by various actors
Why did the Framers make it relatively difficult to amend the Constitution? They intended for all ratified amendments to have widespread support
One-third of the amendments to the U.S. Constitution fall under which of the following categories? civil liberties
In total, how many amendments have been added to the U.S. Constitution? 27
According to the text, which amendment has the Supreme Court largely ignored? sovereign immunity
Which amendment(s) may be considered “coercive” in regard to the states? the Civil War amendments
Eight of the seventeen amendments added after the Bill of Rights address which of the following issues? federal elections
Which of the following statements about the amendment process is accurate? The failure of the Equal Rights Act to become an amendment shows the difficulty of modifying the Constitution
Which of the following does the text consider an advantage of the amendment process? Vague language allows for flexibility and diversity in interpretation.
Which of the following government entities have powers that are or have historically been open to debate? The states, the executive branch, the judicial branch, and the legislative branch
Which of the following accurately characterizes the necessary and proper clause? It is both an enumerated power AND gives Congress the authority to carry out other vague powers.
The full faith and credit clause was intended for which purpose? ensuring that states respect the laws of other states
The supremacy clause is found in which article of the Constitution? Article VI
"The supreme law of the land" includes which of the following? both treaties AND the Constitution
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