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study question for history

Barbed Wire Invention that encouraged the settlement of the Midwest
Montana Location of many battles in the 1800s between U.S. military and Native Americans
Harvesters, threshers Farm inventions that led to increased crop production
Populist Political party formed in the 1890s
Alabama railroads Type of transportation created to support coal and iron industries in the state of Alabama
W.E.B. Du Bois Major social reformer from the progressive era
Telephone, typewriter Types of Industries that showed the growth of technology in America
Suffrage The right for women to vote
George Washington Carver Tuskegee Institute agricultural director that helped southern farmers
Sherman Antitrust Act Federal legislation that was passed to regulate business
Plessy v. Ferguson Famous Supreme Court decision that upheld segregation in 1896
Buffalo Native Americans of the plains depended on this animal for survival
Thomas Edison Inventor of the light bulb
Woodrow Wilson Democratic candidate for president in 1912
Muckrakers Name that Theodore Roosevelt gave journalists who exposed corruption
The Grange Name of political party given to farmers who organized politically
Dawes Act A scheme by the U.S. government to settle Indians on plots of land
Clayton Anti-Trust Act An act passed by Woodrow Wilson to break up monopolies
Steel Major industry in the state of Alabama in the late 1800s
Sixteenth amendment Required Americans to pay income taxes
Sitting Bull Famous Sioux Indian chief
Farmer's Alliance Farmers organization formed to fight big business
Robber Barons Captains of industry during the late 1800s
The Jungle A book that caused the government to increase consumer protection guidelines
Seventeenth Amendment Requires that the United States senators be elected by voters in their state
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