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study questions for history

Compromise of 1850 Law that admitted California as a free state
Fugitive Slave act Forced return of slaves to the South
Kansas-Nebraska Act Led to the expansion of slavery in the West and "Bleeding Kansas"
Republican Party Lincoln's anti-slavery party; won presidency in 1860
Dred Scott Decision Supreme Court's ruling that slaves are property
John Brown White abolitionist who led a raid at Harper's Ferry
Secession Formal withdrawal from the Union
Winston County, AL Only AL county not to secede from Union
Ulysses S. Grant Union commander during the Civil War; became president in 1876
Fort Sumter Where the first shots of the Civil War were fired
Homestead-Act Offered 160 acres of free western land
Morriil-Land Grant Land was donated to agricultural and mechanical colleges
Emancipation Proclamation Lincoln's freeing of southern slaves
Habeas Corpus A person can not be imprisoned without appearing in court
Gettysburg Most decisive battle of the Civil War where over 50,000 men died
Vicksburg Union victory that cut the South in half
Sherman's March 60,000 hand picked troops destroyed everything from Chattanooga, TN, through Atlanta, to Savannah, GA
Richmond Capital of the Confederate States
Carpetbagger Person who went South after the war for personal profit
Appomattox Where Gen. Robert E. Lee surrendered to Gen. U.S. Grant
13th Amendment Abolished slavery and involuntary servitude
Black Codes Limited the rights of African-Americans; made them 2nd class citizens
Scalawags Southern traitors during Reconstruction
John Wilkes Booth Confederate sympathizer who shot President Lincoln at Ford Theatre
Jefferson Davis Confederate States of America President
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