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study questions for history

Bunker Hill Where did the first major battle in the war for American Independence take place?
Great Britain The following actions: impressment of US sailors, interference with US trade, and support for rebellious acts by Native Americans, led to a war between the US and
Lewis and Clark Who did Jefferson hire to explore the West?
Era of Good Feelings The years following the War of 1812 under Monroe (years of peace, prosperity, and one political party) were called what?
Missouri Compromise What maintained a balance between slave and free states?
MAIN purpose of the Monroe Doctrine To prevent further European influence in the Western Hemisphere
Land acquisition Why did the US fight Mexico (Mexican War) in 1846-1848?
Slavery Frederick Douglas and William Lloyd Garrison are known for their work to end what?
Horseshoe Bend and New Orleans Two battles in the South that were won by the Americans during the War of 1812
Andrew Jackson Which president is MOST associated with the following: spoils system, nullification crisis, growth of democracy, Indian Removal Act?
Manifeast Destiny What was the name for the US goal (or fate) which called for the gaining of land in the West (extending the country from sea to sea)?
Mexico What country did New Mexico gain its independence from in 1836?
Balanced: industrial and agricultural Description of the northern economy before the Civil War
Agricultural - based on cotton Description of the southern economy before the Civil War
Santa Fe, Oregon, Mormon, and California Trails used by settlers in the western US
Trail of Tears What event resulted in the Cherokees marching at gunpoint from Georgia to Oklahoma?
Indian Removal Act What law forced the five civilized tribes of the Southeast to leave their lands?
Monroe Doctrine What famous speech outlined American foreign policy in 1823?
Brigham Young Who led the Mormons to relocate to Utah?
1819 In what year did Alabama become a US state?
Louisiana Purchase What action allowed Jefferson to double the size of the US in 1803?
Northwest Ordinance What law passed in 1787 disallowed slavery in areas that eventually became the states of Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio?
Nullification Crisis South Carolina's attempt to void the Tariff of 1832 was called the .
Seneca Falls Convention What famous meeting, hosted by Locretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton in 1848, called for women to demand greater equality and opportunity in the US?
McCulloch v. Maryland Which Supreme Court case (under Marshall) ruled that the national bank was in fact constitutional?
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