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new imperialism

new imperialsm

How did the British eliminate competition in India during the Raj? The British closed Indian textile factories to prevent competition of British companies.
why did the British build railroads and roads in India? To move troops to trouble spots more easily and to help sell British products throughout India.
Why was the Indian national congress established in 1885? There was a growing sense of Nationalism. (indepedence)
What is extraterritoriality? Right for British citizens accused of crims had the right to be tried in British courts.
What did the U.S. do to contribute to the rise of Japanese nationalism during the mid-1800s? Forced Japan to sign treaties.
Was Japan successful against European imperialist efforts? yes, became on its own.
What prompted the "scramble for Africa?" Economic, political, social/cultural
What attracted Europeans to Africa, even after slavery was abolished in many countries? raw materials
what were the political motives driving new European imperialism in Africa? RESPECT from other European nation.
How was the "new" imperialsm different from the imperialsm of the 1500s and the 1600s? not colonizing for settlement, for raw materials.
Why did Britian occupy Egypt in 1882? wanted access to the Suez Canal
What was established at the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885? Africa was divided within the European nations.
Why did the U.S support Panama in an uprising against Colombia? They wanted to control Wanted Panama Canal.
how did British imperialism affect the economy of India? It destroyed it.
Which was the first "unequal treaty" between China and European countries? Why are they called "unequal?" Treaty of Man-jaing. Benefits the Europeans despense of the other.
What event started the Spanish-American War? Mysterious bombing Maine. (USS Maine)
How were the neighborhoods in India different as a result of the British Raj? segregated
What entity carried out British imperialism in India before 1858. British-East India company
Following the Civil War in the U.s., Britain relied on India for which raw material? cotton
What does the Meiji Restoration refer to? the shogon
What was the result of the Fusso-Japanese War of 1904-1905? Symbols of Asia defeating europe.
Who controlled the spice trade in Southeast Asia starting in the 1600s and 1700s? Dutch
Which Southeast Asian country was the only one to retain its independence in the 1800s? Siam
What is Social Darwinism? racial or national supiority.
Which emperor of Ethiopia modernized his army and defeated Italians at the Battle of Adwa? Menylike II
Which Mexican revolutionaries gathered support from the lowest classes and forced Porifio Diaz to resign as president? Potcho and Emaliano Villa
What factors allowed Eropean nations to extend their control over Asia and Africa after 1800? military supiority, better weapons, declined of Eastern Empires.
What let the British government to take control of India from the British East India company? Sepoy Mutiny
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