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why did president truman promise to support nations that tried to resist soviet aggression to limit spread of communism. Means= truman doctrine, policy of containment
why did the soviet union choose not to participate in the marshall plan against communism- limit spread of communism
what did HUAC say and do about/to hollywood movie stars? even a communist party member hollywood 10, blacklist
describe the causes and outcomes of the korean war division of korea into 2 zones= NK communist and SK free democratic
how did joseph mccarthys actions contribute to americas fear of communism smear tactics, accuse communist lose jobs and reputations his accusations sparked an anticommunist hysteria and national search of countries against communist inspired aggression,, if asked
why did president truman persuade congress to give $400 million to help Turkey and Greece to contain spread of communism and dardanelles. overthrow greece government
when and why did the berlin airlift begin? soviet blocked western powers from west berlin through E. Germany, so they delivered food, fuel, and supplies by planes. W. Berlin located in East Germany.
Explain how the concept of collective security played a part in the formation of NATO attack against one or more of them is an attack on them all
what was the major goal of the US in its policy with Latin America throughout the Cold war protest interest in latin america. suppress communist influence in Latin america
why did the soviet union use satellite nations to create a buffer zone around mother russia after WW2? how did they accomplish this to protect mother russia from attack. by gaining political control over nations the red army freed from Nazis
describe four specific examples of political conflicts and military tensions that existed between the US and USSR throughout the cold war korean war, marshall plan, china communist, berlin airlift, truman doctrine, middle east, nuclear arms race.
why did the marshall plan focus on trying to create stable democracies in Europe no war, strong democracies, new markets american goods, limit communist influences
what was Truman's reaction when the USSR created and tested it first atomic weapon to force ahead with a new weapon to maintain americas nuclear super country. hydrogen or thermonuclear bomb development
how were us citizens civil rights affected by joseph mccarthy and the governments hunt for communist in the US citizens afraid to express their opinions for fear they would be branded communist. limited free speech and from honest debate. American citizen right to protest, to criticize, to hold independent thought and unpopular belief
describe how it was that after world war 2 korea was divided into 2 separate countries, one communist and one pro democratic ww2 ended before careful plans for korea independence could be worked out. temporary solution: 38th parallel
describe the UN involvement in Korea branded NK aggressors called on member state to help defend SK and restore peace UN police action in korea
why did the US lag behind in our missile development compared to the Soviet Union because the US depended on conventional air power... more math and science classes
describe how the US used the policy of deterrence to deter the USSR from attacking the US or our allies deterrence policy making military power of US and allies so strong that no enemy would dare attack for fear of retaliation and at conducted 19 hydrogen bombs tests in pacific. fear of nuclear war
describe how the launching of sputnik I instilled fear in the American people. what did our government do after the launch of sputnik NASA. realized same rocket could carry hydrogen bomb to america, nuclear attack, losing competition. other destrical devices smaller, less heat, faster computing etc
what is a transistor? what major effect did it have on technology after it was invented tiny aircraft device invented 1941 that amplify control and generate electrical currents. increased use of and improved technology- device could be used in radios, computers and other. electrical devices smaller, less heat, faster computing, etc
how did televisions help increase economic growth in the US? advertising to pay for TV shows, tv powerful new medium for advertisers, allowing them to reach millions of viewers
what led to computers becoming more widespread in the US during the 1950s creation of soft ware that ran computers, development of ever more powerful computing debugging ridding computers program of errors
what was the Soviet response to president kennedys increase in the US military spending and military buildup of US forces berlin wall
what event sparked the start of the space race launching of the Sputnik in 1957
describe the US role in the failed bay of pigs unorganized... CIA trained cubans to invade cuban overthrow castro. Air strike failed to destroy cuba air force. wouldnt provide air cover for attackers
why did the soviet union build the berlin wall to separate communist and noncommunist berlin. to stop east germans from fleeing to western germany and freedom
describe the events that led to the cuban missile crisis and explain how the US brought an end to the crisis Bay of pigs invasion: soviet attempt to deploy nuclear missiles in cuba by building missile bases on cuban soil. soviets intended their missile in cuba to counter american missiles in Turkey. end crisis- naval quarantine around cuba
why did the US create NASA 1958 space exploration
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