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study questions for history

Hiroshima Place where 1st atomic bomb was dropped on Japan
D-Day Allied invasion of Normandy
Pearl Harbor Japanese surprise^attack on US Navy in Hawaii
Munich Conference Resulted in appeasement of Hitler by Britain and France
Rosie the Riveter Example of women helpingthe war effort
Franklin Roosevelt United States president during the Depression and WWII
Joseph Stalin Communist dictator of Soviet Union
Winston Churchill British prime minister
Adolf Hitler Nazi dictator of Germany
Benito Mussolini Fascist dictator of Italy
Stalingrad Battle-where Nazi advance was stopped in USSR
Midway Pacific battle that began US island hopping
North Africa Allied campaign to regain the Sahara desert
Gen. Mac Arthur Allied leader of the Pacific theatre
Gen. Eisenhower Allied leader of European theatre
Holocaust Nazi extermination of European Jews
Allies USA, France, Great Britain, Soviet Union
Axis Powers Germany, Italy, Japan
Neutrality US policy at the beginning of WWI and WWII
Rationing Reducing usage of valuable goods
Internment Policy of confining Japanese-Americans during WWII
Poland Nazi invasion caused WWII to start in 1939
Concentration camp Nazi déath camp
Nagasaki Place where 2nd atomic bomb was dropped on Japan
Kamikaze Japanese suicide pilot
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