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study questions for history

Central Powers Germany, Austria-Hungry, Ottoman Empire
Allied Powers France, Britain, U.S., Russia, and Italy
Woodrow Wilson President during WWI and supported League of Nations
Great Migration The large-scale movement of hundreds of thousands of Southern blacks to cities in the North.
Republicans Political party that rejected the League of Nations.
Nativism Prejudice against foreign born people.
Sacco and Vanzetti Trial in which two immigrants were given an unfair trial due to their ethnic background and were eventually put to death.
Red Scare An intense fear of communism and other extreme ideas that gripped the U.S. during the 1920s.
Red Summer Race riots erupted in about 25 cities nationwide in 1919
Ku Klux Klan This organization had anti-immigrant, anti-communism feelings to harass any group unlike themselves.
Quota System A number limit set up by laws to limit annual immigration.
Asian immigration this type of immigration was banned altogether in the 1920s
Cars, planes, timed appliances Several technological innovaiions in the 1920s.
Harlem Renaissance African American literary awakening of the 1920s.
Zona Meale Hurston African American author of "Their Eyes were Watching God."
Claude Mckay, Countee Cufien, Langston Huqhes Three leading poets/writers of the Harlem Renaissance.
Jazz Type of music that grew out of African American music in the south, especially ragtime and blues.
Jazz Age The 1920s
Flapper An emancipated young woman who embraced the new-fashions and urban attitudes of the time.
F. Scott Fitzgerald Coined the term "Jazz Age" and wrote The Great Gatsby
Marcus Garvey Believed that African Americans should build a separate society.
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