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History vocab unit 6

glossary link- www.pbs.org/historyofus

word definition
tyranny cruel and arbitrary use of power by a ruler
vehemence marked by great energy or passion;vigorous
oppression harsh or cruel treatment over a long period of time
stockpile to accumulate a large supply of goods or materials for future use
Loyalist those who fought for the English king during the American Revolution. When written with a small 'l,' it refers to any person who remains faithful to a ruler or government
vestige a trace or sign, usually used in relation to something that has passed, such as an ancient civilization
patriot one who loves his country and acts for its interests. Based on Greek and Latin words for 'father'
delegate a person who represents another or others and who has the power to act for them
traitor a person who through actions or words sides with the enemy of his country. From the Latin verb trader, 'to hand over' Click to flip
despotism unlimited power
annihilation destruction
quartering lodging, housing
arbitrary not based on law
abdicated given up
revolution the overthrow or replacement of an established government
Hessians German soldiers serving in the British forces in the American Revolution
unalienable incapable of being taken away
minutemen American colonial militia members ready to fight at a minute's notice
Fist Continental Congress a meeting of colonial delegates in Philadelphia to decide how to respond to the closing of Boston Harbor, increased taxes, and abuses of authority by the British government
Second Continental Congress a meeting of colonial delegates in Philadelphia to decide how to react to fighting at Lexington and Concord
insurrections rebellions
acquiesce consent to
consanguinity common ancestry
magnanimity generous spirit
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