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study questions for history

Imperialism The policy of extending a nation's authority over other countries by-economic, political, or military means.
Hawaii In 1898 the U.S. annexed thesé Pacific Ocean islands after their queen was overthrown.
Puerto Rico, Guam, and.the Philippines These territories were annexed by the U.S. as a result of the Treaty of Paris in 1898.
Spanish-American War In 1898 the U.S. became involved in this war.
Yellow.Journalism The sensational style of writing, which exaggerates the news to lure and enrage readers, was a cause of the Spanish-American War.
Rough Riders A volunteer cavalry under the Commandor Theodore Roosevelt that fought in the Battle of San Juan Hill in Cuba.
Philippines The U.S. gained control of these South Pacific islands after their defeat of the Spanish.
Open Door Polic No single nation would have a monopoly on trade with any part of China.
Panama Canal An artificial waterway cut through Central America that provides a shortcut between the Atlantic ahd.Pacific Oceans.
William.C. Gorgas Eradicated yellow fever.
Roosevelt Corollary An extension of the Monroe Doctrine, under which the U.S. claimed the right to protect its economic interests by means of military intervention in the affairs of Western Hemisphere nations.
Imperialism, Militarism; Nationalism, Alliances Long terms causes of World War
Archduke Franz Ferdinand. His assassination was the immediate cause of WWI
Lusitania The sinking of this British liner was a cause of America's entry into WWI.
Zimmerman Note Proposed an alliance between Mexico and Germany which was a cause of U.S. entry into WWI
U-boats German submarines.
Tanks and Airplanes Two most innovative weapons of WWI.
Convoy system Heavy guard of destroyers that escorted merchant ships back and forth across the Atlantic in groups.
Selective Service Act Required men to register with the government in order to be randomly selected for military service.
Doughboys American infantry men in WWI.
Trench Warfare Military strategy in which opposing forces attack and counterattack from systems of fortified ditches rather than on an open battlefield.
Espionage and Sedition Acts Interfering with the war effort or saying anything disloyal, profane or abusive about the government or the war effort.
Fourteen Points Woodrow Wilson's plan for world-peace.
league of Nations Provide a forum for nations to discuss and settle their grievances without having to resort to war
Treaty of Versailles This treaty ended WWI
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