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Study Questions for history

Taxation The action that caused American colonies to declare independence from Great Britain
Treaty of Paris This gave the U.S. its independence from Britain
Land Ordinance of 1785 Avoided disputes about how land would be divided and sold.
Louisiana Purchase Lewis, Clark, and Sacajawea explored this area
California The gold rush was related to this area
Sojourner Truth Born into slavery, spoke out against slavery and support for women's rights
Marbury vs. Madison Established,Judicial Review to determine whether a law,is constitutional
Boston Tea Party Colonial protest that resulted from the passing of the Intolerable Acts
Olive Branch Petition Document that was sent to King George for peace by the colonists in 1775
Patrick Henry Gave the speech stating, "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death"
George Washington Commander of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War
Samuel Adams Leader and founder of the Sons of Liberty
Paul Revere Rider who warned the colonists that the British .were coming
Saratoga Battle that was the turning point for the colonist in the Revolutionary War
Valley Forge Where Washington and his troops endured the harsh winter of 1777 and 1778
Yorktown The last major battle of the Revolutionary War and where Cornwallis surrendered to Washington
War of 1812 After the Revolutionary War the U.S. fought the British again in what war
Embargo Act Law passed by Jefferson that disallowed trade with other nations and led to the War of .1812
Impressment Term used to describe the British navy forcing Americans into service
William Lloyd Garrison White abolitionist who wrote the Liberator
Frederick Douglas Black abolitionist who wrote the North Star
Underground Railroad Aided the escape of slaves to freedom
Harriet Tubman Most famous conductor of the Underground railroad
2nd Great Awakening Religious movement in the early 1800's that emphasized that the individual is responsible for their own salvation
Gibbons vs. Ogden This ensured that the federal government controlled interstate commerce
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