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High Rise 6.00

High Rise Guidelines

6.01 High-Rise Incidents: This guideline will follow National Incident Mmgt. Sys. The first arriving company officer is the.. Incident Commander (IC), until commandis transferred.
6.01 A.The incidents priorities at high-rise fires should be the same as in other incidents...what are Incident Priorties... 1.Life Safety-FF/ Civilians 2.Stabilize the Incident. 3.Conserve Property
6.01 Tactical Priorties... 1.rescue ocupants,2.Protect exposures,3.Confinement of fire,4.Extinguish fire,5.Conservation of property.
6.01 C.Rescue in high-rise means evacuation or protection in place..who are most in danger... those on and immediately above the fire floor, teh top floor and in the stair wells that are filled with smoke.
6.01 C. What is the next level of endagerment.. is the floors in thesame ventilation zone as the fire floor, if the building does not have a smoke control system.
6.01C.2.PA system should be used to inform occupants of the correct action (evac./shelter in place) to be taken.OEC can... be given info. from IC that the 911 call takers can relay to building occupants when they call 911.
6.01C.3. Occupants that self evacuate may become trapped in smoke filled stairwells. Therefore.. stairwells require searching as soon as personnel are available.
6.01C.4.Evacuation of high-rise structures is generally conducted through... stairwells; when possible at least one stairwell must remain smoke-free until evac. is complete. THE Importance of keeping stairwell doors closed cannot be over-emphazied.
6.01C.5.Open stairwell doors increase thes stack effect,and/or neg.stack affect(the phenomena of natural vertical air movement) in the building. An open door at the bottom of stairwell tends to... pull smoke down to the lower levels. These doors must not be propped open or evauation effort may be compromised.
6.01C.6.Rescue efforts may be accomplished in FF operated elevators, with the elevator in the Fire Service Mode, its preferable for rescue elevators to be... in an elevator bank that does not serve the fire floor.
6.01D.The most common way fire spreads in a building is by... lapping out the windows, up the side of the building and into the floor above. Well-placed hose lines on fire floor and the floor above should be used to confine the fire to original fire floor.
6.01 E.Do to extreme challenges of high-rise fires, ALL companies will utilize... One hour air packs.
6.01F. Fire Officers must be cognizant of the fact that 6 FF are required to strech out... three lenghths of 2 1/2 hose in a stairwell, charge it,and move it out of the stairwell onto the fire floor.
6.01G.A large number of FF are required to begin fire attack in high-rise.The IC should provide support to intial arriving co. as soon as possible. The first arriving officers must... not be hesitant about calling for additional alarms
6.01H. There is tremendous amount of Radio communication during high-rise, Radio disipline is vital and consise info if important.Comm. problems and lack of... visiability make it imperitive that frequent progress/eception reports are given.
6.01I.Companies responding to mulitple alarms will report... to Level II staging area, report in to the staging officer FACE TO FACE and remain to respond.
6.02 Hire-Rise Assignments: Initail assignments of Command, Lobby Control Unit here after Lobby Control, and Investigative/ Fire Attack Group will be... applied at all high-rise incidents.
6.02A. First Arriving Engine - IC/ Lobby Control: Due to large number of tasks to be completed by Lobby in the inital stages, crews assigned this responsibility will priortize actions based upon... Situation and needs. Risk vs. Benefits should be considered.
6.302 A. First Engine Captain will be IC/ Lobby Control. One FF and the second FF and E/O will be... FF - Elevator One FF - Access Control E/O - Establishes water supply
6.02 A. Tasks...1. Request Tac channel (if not already requested) and have all units switch to simplex mode upon arrival. 2.If fire/smoke showing, IC will... Request a second alarm, give a situation report to incoming units.
6.02 A.3. IF extreme hazards of fire control opps.and diffuculty to keep up with accountibility, the many engineered elements may require.. additional special functional units, the System Control Unit. The units will report to IC until the Logistiacal Section is est.
6.02A.4. Lobby Control Resonsibilites: a.command,if already est. check-in and ontain briefing b.Est.Lobby Position and assess situation and request needed resources.c.obtain infromation from... Building personnel concerning the nature and location of the incident and what life safety issues need immediate attention. Report these finding to incoming units.
6.02A.4.d.Lobby Control locates Depository Box;911 key if key does not open the box... Bolt Cutters may be required and access information inside box.
What infromation does the Depository Box have inside that will be able to determine if the fire floor... has sprinklers,location of sprinkler control valve, any standpipe outlets in stairwell/hose cabinets, PVRs and docu. outlet pressure of PVRs, are there any floors w/o PVRs
What type of hose can be brought up into a working high-rise fire? 2 1/2 hose with SMOOTH BORE. Only RIT can bring 1 3/4 hose for mobility of rescue needs. Relay this crucial information to incoming companies for appropriate hose/nozzle selection and pump opps.
6.02.A.4.e.Depository Box has specific information about the operation of the eleveator keys. This info. should be removed and made ready for use. The keys rings must be... removed and seperated.
6.02.A.4.f/g:Depository Box contains several documents that is given to IC such as.. Floor Plans, copies of HFD high-rise survey, plans may locate electrial/mechanical rooms.Pre-fire plan that is valuable information.
6.02.A.4.h. Alarm Panel must be analyzed to confirm the original fire area.Most high-rise have addressable alarms, but some have print out. How do you determine which alarm goes to fire floor? Scrolling not necessary, in reading the alarm sequence, the first smoke detector recorded will usually indicate the fire area.
6.02.A.4..i.Plug in phones will be answered by Lobby Control/ IC by radio or cell phone.Where is the other phone... located and issued to companies assigned specific tasks. The control point will be the alarm panel with operator relay info to IC>
6.02.A.4.J.k. Elevators-assume control and provide elevator operators.When should elevators be recalled... Immediately by placing them in Phase I, if not already recalled by alarm system.
6.02.A.4.l. When will elevators be cleared of all use at Lobby Level... They will not be used if shaft shows signs of fire,smoke or running water. Elevtor one will accomplish this by looking in the space b/w the elevator door and shaft. this info relayed to IC.
6.02.A.4.m/n. Est.Peronnel Log for access control of building.Direct Personnel to appropriate stairway/elevator for... assignments and direct evacuees and exiting personnel to safe areas or routes of building.
6.02A.4.o/p.Oraganize equip. to be transported from apparatus to Resource.and Preform functions of System Control until... system control is established.Once they are est. they will assume alarm monitoring.
Public Access (PA) will be used to provide info. AFTER approved by IC about... FD Actions and advise occupantsto evacuate or shleter-in place.They may be instructed to call 911 or the Fire Control Center (FCC) to communicate their status and location.
SYSTEM CONTROL UNIT will request response, and make contact with... building/facility engineer,utility co. rep., elevator service personnel, and others as appropriate.
Who will appoint personnel to monitor and operate building/facility systems display/control panels. Lobby Control resonsiblity.
Who will evaluate water supply,HVAC smoke removal of stairwells,operation of the fire and support any repair for water supply, electrial system... Lobby Control resonsiblity.
Who will secure operations and demobilize personnel as dtermined by teh deombilization plan. Provide briefings and info. to the IC? Lobby Control responsibility.
What is the responsibilties of System Control Unti once it is established? 6.02.A.4.p.-w. PA, Alarm Monitoring,Request response of building/facility personnel, appoint personnel to monitor sys, eval.HVAC, smoke in stairwells, water supply and any repair if needed. and all electrical sys.
Created by: MrsAbbt
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